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Is It Time To Legalize Drugs

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Is it Time to Legalize Drugs?
By Gwyndolyn Meeks
Course COM 220
Research Writing
It is not drugs but drug laws that have made drug dealing
profitable and not used medically in most states. Drug laws have also
fostered drug-related murders and an estimated 40% of all property
crime in the U.S. Patients suffering from cancer, glaucoma and other
conditions cannot use marijuana under the laws of most states or the
federal government despite abundant evidence of its efficacy.
“Marijuana as medicine has been documented throughout history in a
number of cultures” (Rachal 2007). Violence and crime in the United
States is a major problem stemmed from drugs is a ...view middle of the document...

Thinking of all the violence associated with gangs and inner
cities,it revolves around drugs. Therefore, most of the crime that
is done is that of drugs or has something to do with drugs. Drug
dealing is a serious crime and it destroys neighborhoods. “Most
drug dealers use violence as part of their trade. They often carry
firearms, almost always illegally. The majority of all homicides
today are drug related”(Willard 1998).
Jeffrey A Miron says that “Recent estimates suggest thousands
have lost their lives in this “war on drugs.” He also says that “Over
the past two years, drug violence in Mexico has become a fixture of
the daily news. Some of this violence pits drug cartels against one
another, enforcement and traffickers” (Miron 2009). “Continuing with
the same anti-drug policies, we are making the drug lords richer.
The seize reduces supply and takes out one or more black market
participants. According to the laws of supply and demand, with a
decrease in drug supply, black market prices will rise, creating a
larger profit for suppliers. “So every time we think we are winning a
battle in the war, we are really strengthening the enemy rather than
weakening it” (Skeel 2009).
“In 1980 there were almost twice as many violet offenders in
federal prison as drug offenders. There are more people incarcerated
in prisons for marijuana than rape or manslaughterthan ever. In
1992, the average punishment for a violent offender was 43 months.
The average punishment for a marijuana offender was about 50 months.
Small-time marijuana dealers are being given life sentences in some
cases, while violent offenders are being released early. A drug
offense differs in different states in that they are subject to state,
localand federal laws. Under federal law, the death penalty can be
imposed for growing or selling large quantities of marijuana, even if
it is their first offense” (Rachal 2007).
Retired Police Officer Peter Moskos says “that drug users
generally are not violent. Most simply want to be left alone to enjoy
their high. It is the corner slinger who terrifies neighbors and
invites rivals to attack. Public drug dealing creates an environment
in which disputes about money or respect are settled with guns”
(Moskos 2009). Police all over the country is against the drug wars
and want these drugs legalized. According to a retired police chief
drugs should be legalized because; it will stop much of the violence
that we have in the U.S.
"When additive drugs are made legal, crime will decrease substantially
for four main reasons. First, the lower price of narcotics will
eliminate the theft and murder associated with their high prices.
Addicts formerly forced to steal, murder, and do all sorts of things
for their habit will find that they can afford the lower prices.
Therefore, these types of drug-related...

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