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Is Lady Macbeth Evil Essay

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I awoke at 10:30am,I was 2 and half hours late for work but I need not care all I cared about was why I was in bed with 3 smoking hot girls and why I couldn’t remember anything about last night. Regretfully I slid out of bed, trying not to wake the girls. I turned on the radio to listen to the news, it all sounded the same, sport, weather… suddenly, a news story came on the radio.

“Breaking news, 8 people have been shot dead in a bank robbery, 2 of the people that were shot dead were twin sisters aged 8. Their mother is in hospital with a gunshot wound to her right lung. The doctors say that she is lucky to be alive. The police have no leads at the moment we will tell you ...view middle of the document...

“Mam I’m private dick Tyson. I need to ask you questions about what happened.”

She said nothing I was about to leave but then she said while crying. “Promise me one thing detective find the person who killed my 2 babies.”

“I will mam I promise.” As I got to the door I heard a slow bleep swinging around, I saw that the machine that had kept her heart going had been unplugged by the mother. She had taken her own life! I left the hospital and went back to the station, when I arrived the chief was at the door and said for me to go home and get some rest. I took his advice and left but I did not go home I went to look for a dinner

Staggering into a dinner, after the most stressful day of work, all I could think about was those 2 eight year old girls and their mother who I had made a promise to and which I intended to keep. I was going mad. I called over the waitress and asked for a cup of black coffee, her name tag informed me that her name was Betty, a man in a tall black coat approached me and said.

“I know why you feel so down and I can help you feel much better.”

I replied “how?”

“I will call you tomorrow at your office.”

I shouted “no tell me now.” but he just walked away and said. “See you later private dick Tyson.”

I finished my coffee and headed for a good night’s sleep I would be ready for work the next day in the right frame of mind and on time, so that I could catch the killer.

The next day, I layed back, feet on my desk with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other, waiting for the call in my office where I had been for hours. Wanting to find the murderous killer who committed such a terrible crime. The waiting was driving me mad. Finally, the phone rang, I answered the phone with sigh of relief. “Hello what can you tell me about my case?”

“All in due time detective.” The person mysteriously replied. I shouted “don’t play games with me tell me what do you know now!”

“I will tell you what I know but not over the phone,...

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