Is Mersault Really A Bad Person?

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Is mersault really a bad person?

Is Meursault a bad person? Meursault was a man who felt no sadness after his mother’s death, and no contrition for killing a person. Yet some praised him for being an “honest chap”, a “tireless worker” and a “model son”. “Good” would be a standard so subjective that there is no definite answer, different institutions or people would have different perspective and different judgments on whether Meursault is bad or not.

“In our society any man who doesn’t cry at his mother’s funeral is liable to be condemned to death.” This paradoxical sentence said by Albert Camus hides within itself a stern logic: anything or anyone that violates the rules of the ...view middle of the document...

” Mersault could not believe in god because he does not wish for other life, as he thinks it would make no difference than the one he lives in now.
These would be words of blasphemy to god-believers, such as the prosecutor, who called Meursault Mr Antichrist. In their eyes, Meursault would be a sinner and definitely not a good, pious man.

However to Meursault’s friends and acquaintances, they understand what a person Meursault was, and thus would consider him as a “decent, honest chap”, ”honest, tireless worker”. Emmanuel, Celeste, Marie, Raymond, Salamano, and Masson could understand the incident as a”mishap” as they understand Meursault would never harbour evil thoughts to kill a man. Moreover, Raymond was involved with the whole incident because the Arab killed was the brother of his ex-girlfriend, and the whole time Meursault was merely supposed to help Raymond. Therefore, to Meursault’s friends, he is not a bad man. He was an honest man with few words, but helpful, with empathy and definitely not a soul-less murderer as portrayed by the prosecutor.

As a reader, I have my judgment for Meursault as well. As I am reading from Meursault’s own point of view, I understand much of the thoughts within him. If we forget about morality and social norms, just judging Meursault from a humanistic point of view, he is not wrong. He did not cry for the decease of her mother, but he...

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