Is Photography Good For You? This Essay Gives Reasons Why It Is Good For You. The Title Photography Bound!

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Are you ready to take up photography? Well there are many reasons throughout this essay that states why it is. Photography is a wonderful piece of art the lets us explore and enlarge pices of our world.Photography is an expression that allows one another to see the world as the photographer sees it. Photographer Eli Vega states, "I use my photography as a means to express my thoughts, feelings, mental images and interpretations of life ...view middle of the document...

It can show us the past occurrences, like, what the wourl was going through at a certain time or our emotions that are shown throughout our expressions that we give to the camera. Photography shows us exactly how the world is to the eye of the beholder. The pictures do not lie, you always have a sense of knowing and understanding them in your own personal way.Photography is a great tool for our imagination to run wild with. Scientist have done studies over how if we see a picture are mind can sometimes remember tastes, how it feels, smell, and noises. An example would be if you saw a picture of someone mowing grass you would immediately think of how it smells, the noise of the lawn mower, the feel of the hot sun, and the moistened touch of the freshly mowed grass. This is an amazing recollection. Why would anyone not want to be able to bring that kind of feeling and emotions to a person. It is a powerful idea to be able to bring people a sense of joy just from a photograph.Photography is a great thing to have in this world. It allows us to express ourselves and how we see the world. It shows us that things do change in time, and that it is the key to unlocking our own imagination.

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