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Is Politics a science? This is a question that always seems difficult to answer and discuss. Personally, I have been asked this question and even when I feel like I have the answer there is always another opinion from someone else on how they think it’s not a science. It’s a question we always touch in my group and after everyone has given their opinion on this topic, there never still seems to be a good legitimate answer. Politics is always grouped and said to be part of the social sciences, but should it really be classified as a social science or even a science? Politics is a controversial field itself; it also seems to have a flaw in it. From the way it’s been run by the people ...view middle of the document...

Some of the other well-known areas of social sciences include - Sociology, psychology, History, anthropology, economics, geography, and also political science. Political science seems to fit in social sciences because it represents the same interpretation of some of the other areas involved in social sciences. For example, political science and psychology are closely related fields not just because they are both part of social sciences. Psychologists always try to research and explain issues and outcome of political behavior by using basic theories used in psychology. They develop new theories that show or predict psychological explanations of political situation. It brings together accomplishments in psychology and political science, and it also clarifies their connections from the point of view of both fields. This relationship provides a good clarification of social relations and it also helps people to see why political events evolve in a particular way.
Another good example would be sociology; political science and sociology are also closely related they would be really pointless without each other. Although sociology is an aspect that focuses on man’s entire social life and tries to find the facts and laws of life. Political science is more focused on the political life of a man, which is another part of his life. Sociology is also focused on the science of the society, while political science is focused on the state and government. So political science is a part of sociology, which deals with the concepts of organization and government of human society. Which shows that political science comes from the field of sociology, but sociology is also based on politics because state and governments make laws for the well being of the society; the government also tries to get rid of social issues like poverty, job loss and so many more from the society. Sociology also supplies material to political science, which is the political life of the people.
History is also another part of the social science and also sort of related to political science, because it’s the study of things that has already happened in the past. It relates to humans and things they did in the past, which also sets the path for the future of a government. They both relate because they deal with human issues. Political science fits in with all of the fields that make up the social sciences. Its relationship in Law is really simple, for a government or...

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