Is The Impact Of Social Media And Smartphone Technology Good Or Bad?

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26 May 2016
 Is the impact of and good or bad?
Phones as means of communication lost its initial function years ago. There are more benefits of social media and smartphones technology then its harm to the public. Social media is a great source of communication. Social media and social networking are becoming the daily routine of millions of people all around the world, especially college student and some high school student and the new generation children.
Phones have lost their primary function of communication after smartphones were invented. The impact of social media and smartphones is controversial and it has both pros and cons. Smartphones were invented to do multiple tasks on a ...view middle of the document...

The author of the article explains what means a friend to him. He mentions, "I only had a handful of people that I would consider friends" (silver). This shows people have thousands of online friends but in practical life, they have very few friends and limited social life due to social media. We have changed our perspective of what is a friend. According to Anais Nin, a friend reflects an unborn world in us before their arrival (Silver).A friend is a deeper relationship than a social media friend. He or she is there in the good and bad times of a person's life. According to a study conducted in 2006, 25% of Americans do not have close friends but Americans still share their personal life issues on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Silver does not consider anyone as a friend until he has shaken their hands at least.
Social media is not all bad, it has made communication easier but has also "created comfortability with strangers that shouldn't exist" (Silver). Anyone you do not know personally is a stranger to you. Social media can bring old friends together by making it easier for people to find each other and talk to them. But as everything else, it has its cons as well, such as taking a significant period of useful time and wasting it at times when surfing the web.
Smartphones are shaping human interaction. Information is fast and "up to the minute" before people would listen to their news through the TV and now people simply use their phones said, Dewayne Hamby. "The smartphone is now a pocket size PC" Smartphones are completely accessible now. 4 out of 5 phones purchased in the United States are smartphones (Phillips). Smartphones have more than 1 billion users and 2.5 million apps (Phillips).

Smartphones are molding human brains
Smartphones affect how the human brain functions information. A study published in 2011 stated that it is scientifically proven that search engines such as google with one million searches per day are converting the way our brain stores knowledge. We are using smartphones as a source to retrieve our memory. Our brain is adopting to the technology and is familiar with our phones. We are now remembering less about an information and remembering more where we are able to access that information. According to Ellen University and Pew research center, if the "hyper connectivity" and fast retrieval of information persist. Human beings will have options for what to remember (Phillips).

Smartphones are helping us be more connected. In a 2010 lecture, Case mentions that smartphones are more than a device and represents more of a social connection. He adds that the smartphones are not taking us over they are helping us connect better regardless of location seventy-five percent of our fifty thousand smartphone users believed that smartphones increased their knowledge and brought them closer to their friends and families when a survey was conducted on them. Smartphones affect the younger generation'...

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