Is The Media’s Intent To Entertain Us Actually Becoming Harmful?

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“Kids who spend more time with media report lower grades and lower levels of personal contentment” (Perle). Over the years with the increase in the use of technology and media, more and more problems are becoming prevalent in today’s society. What was first invented with the intent of making citizens’ lives simpler, easier, and less stressful is beginning to have an opposite effect on everyone. The media is starting to have more and more harmful effects in not only children, but adults, too. The media not only has been proven to have negative effects on women, men, and children through television, internet, social networking, and many other different ways, but has also desensitized society ...view middle of the document...

These images that women are seeing are very skewed and give a false impression of what a “normal” woman should look like. This has also led to an increase in plastic surgery, which is not surprising considering the media practically encourages it with several reality T.V. shows dedicated to it. Unfortunately, this problem is not getting any better either, with more and more images and pathways available for women to look at images that cause them to compare their self-image to those unrealistic ones.
The media is also guilty for portraying unrealistic images of men as well, pressuring many men to start taking dangerous measures to try to achieve the look that male models are conceived to have on the internet and television. Males often see body builders in the media and are embarrassed that they do not look like that. Many male celebrities have their own personal trainer and dietician to obtain their six-packs and bodies that many women gloat over. For the average man, though, they have a harder time looking like the celebrities because of lack of resources and turn to harmful approaches instead. Many men begin taking steroids to try to get “ripped”. They do not realize how harmful steroids can be to a human body, though.

Over the years, the media has desensitized society about problems and issues in society today. During television shows and movies, there are many things showed over and over again in shows that have a children-approved rating even, exposing little ones to things such as violence, alcohol, sex, and drugs at a very early age. “A new, nationally representative survey from the nonprofit advocacy group Common Sense Media, also out today, shows 72% of kids ages 8 and under have used a mobile device for some type of media activity such as playing games, watching videos or using apps, up from 38% just two years ago. And 17% of these young children use a mobile device on a daily basis” (Healy).
If one were to compare shows and movies from forty years ago to the ones today there would be a major difference. There used to be two separate twin beds for married couples in movies and shows, and today there is not only a shared bed, but often provocative scenes involved, too. Countless movies and shows have crude humor and language involved in their scripts as well. Not only do children think that perhaps this is okay because celebrities do that on television, but they also see it so often that it does not seem like as big of a deal as it actually is.
Wild celebrities themselves also desensitize society, especially teens and children. When a famous person does something bad, such as drugs, many kids will try it because they think that it is okay because the famous person is doing it and they are “cool”. A perfect example is Miley Cyrus. She has been known to perform in a very provocative and strange manner on stage, giving bad attention to kids that idolize her. They then, in return, begin to think that her inappropriate outfits or...

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