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Is The United States Following In The Footsteps Of Ancient Rome’s Decline?

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"Is the United States following in the footsteps of ancient Rome’s decline?"
There are many areas of similarity when contrasting the United States with the Roman Empire. The greatest nation on earth today is the United States. The main factors supporting this are that the U.S. is the economic leader in the world. At this time, the U.S. has the strongest military of any nation. There is relevance with what is happening in the United States today and what occurred during the fall of the Roman Empire. One common and provable fact is that in many ways history does have a tendency to repeat itself. Not only on a worldwide scale does this happen, but in the lives of individuals as well. ...view middle of the document...

The Romans ruled for many centuries in the west. They moved through Africa and East Europe spreading their culture uniformly. The United States of America, in their history, has taken advances to spreading the ideas of democracy to the undeveloped and developing world. Democracy has been accepted as the perfect society because it works. Many other governmental structures have failed or are failing but democracy has shown persistence in its acclaim.

Roman Empire was mainly a military power, meaning that its strength nationally was war power. The Roman Power used its military power and the church to suppress any uprising or rebellion within the state. The conquests of the Romans were achieved under the republic; and the emperors, for the most part, were satisfied with preserving the dominions which had been acquired by the policy of the senate, the active emulation of the consuls, and the martial enthusiasm of the people. By the republic, it meant under the leadership of advisors and the emperor during epoch of history. The epoch of the Roman Empire was a significant period throughout history. It leaders are among the most influential leaders in history: Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Constantine, etc. The historic founders Romulus and Remus were twins who first began the Roman Empire. Roman citizens were conditioned to be extremely patriotic for their country’s security. The Roman Empire established a connection between the state and the people. The people were subjected respectively by pride in their country. Their pride was extremely strong in a nation who offered a stable and profound class society. They government’s hierarchy included a military emperor or Sacrificial King, senate, consuls, and the forum. The Romans also enacted a class society of peasant farmers, patricians and plebeians, who were among the higher level in the class society. Ruled by a dictator, the Roman Empire was under strict control.

The U.S. classless structure works in benefit of changing times. Although everyone is nationally claimed as first class citizens, U.S. has a class structure that is implied and developed by the citizens within it. This implied class structure depends primarily on status or economic status. Americans are patriotism is not to the extremes as the early Roman Empire. There is no single ruler in America; it governed by the people. The U.S. resembles the Roman Empire by its advances and dominance of military power. The U.S. also has spread it influence over the world in some instances. Conquests are highly unlikely to happen in the U.S. and the world today because the effects of globalization. Universal moral codes are implied and governed the conducts of powerful nations. The Roman Empire made many advances during it time. Its state contributed a lot to culture acceptance. The people in the state made many advances in literature. The Roman Empire started to decline after the fall or...

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