Is Vietnam War Just Or Not

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The Vietnam War between USA with South Vietnam and North Vietnam with Viet Cong had lasted about 10 years and had many significant consequences. Therefore, it’s one of the most important wars in the recent years and has possessed many resonances so far. It is an unforgettable war for the USA because it has unexpectedly lost the war. The USA has lost the war against a fragile,undeveloped country which is North Vietnam. USA has lost the war against a fragile,undeveloped country which is North Vietnam. There has been a lot of controversies about this war so far. These controversies are concentrated on the moral dimension of the war. In other words, the experts and the analysts are concerned ...view middle of the document...

Satisfaction of this objective, policymakers believed, would not only save yet another people from the yoke of communism, but also serve such broader and more abstract aims as demonstrating resolve and credibility of US commitments, thwarting the fall of other Asian dominoes to communism, containing Chinese expansionism, and meeting the challenge posed by communist-inspired wars of national liberation.” This sentence shows us that communism is a reason for USA to go to war with North Vietnam but the main reason is the USA’s concern in South East Asia, its political aim which is associated with the communism. Moreover, the USA wants to prove its reliability to the South Vietnam as stated by Jeffrey Record. As a result, because of these two reasons USA doesn’t have just cause to go to war with North Vietnam.
Secondly, the USA doesn’t have right intention to declare war against North Vietnam. Although, USA wants to protect South Vietnam against North Vietnam because of its activities related to communism, the USA doesn’t have right intention because the main reason underlying the war decision is not that indeed. USA doesn’t want communism spread in the South East Asia which is explained by Jeffrey Record the writer of ‘Vietnam in Retrospect: Could We Have Won?’ because it is afraid of China’s dominance there and
thereby in the world.. Therefore, USA has a political gain. Furthermore, according to Kalkin the writer of the “Was US intervention in Vietnam justified?” asserts that: “Both Eisenhower and Nixon put great value on the economic justification for war: the important resources of South-East Asia would be lost through the domino effect with the instigation of a communist regime in Vietnam. Malaya, in particular, with its vast reserves of copper, tin and rubber would have had an economic impact on America through its loss, but even this would not have been great and the utility of the Asian rice crop to America was minimal.” Thus, USA also has a economic reason to wage war with North Vietnam. In this case, protection of the South Vietnam against North Vietnam and Viet Cong is an excuse for USA to wage a war against North Vietnam. The USA has economic and political goals for South East Asia while declaring war against North Vietnam and Viet Cong. Meanwhile, the USA wishes to protect South Vietnam because of its ‘geopolitical significance’. David W.Levy, the writer of ‘The Debate over Vietnam’ explains it in that way: “ The second contention lying beneath the general concern for American security was that Vietnam occupied a strategic geographic position that made its fate in the east-west struggle particularly critical. Saigon, after all, was within two thousand miles of Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, and Bangkok. Vietnam lay athwart the busiest and most lucrative trade routes in Asia.” In addition, USA doesn’t have right to interfere the crisis between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. They may solve the problem between themselves. The...

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