Is White Not Right? Essay

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Campos 1
Adan Campos
Professor Daniels
English 100
August 29th, 2010
Is White Not Right?
When it comes to academics in today’s society it is still a lot like it was ten years ago: white students do the best in school, while the blacks and Hispanics are still struggling. But has anyone really stopped to think about the minority students that do well in school and why they are doing so well? Some people might say that the answer to that is simple; it’s because they “act white.” In order to find out why certain minorities “act white” at school, one has to take a look at his/her friends, families, and their school teachers.
A students biggest influence at school is their friends, ...view middle of the document...

My whole take on it was. I didn’t really care. I chose to be different. I just went to school and did what I had to do to make good grades.”
When a student is at school they aren’t always with their friends though, they are in class for the most part and during that time their teacher can have an impact on how they act. If a student is doing very well in the class usually the teacher will let that student know and the student will feel better about him or herself and about that class so naturally they are going to want to do better for that teacher and for themselves. This also leads to the topic of this discussion, acting white. Now if the student is not doing good in his or her class the teacher would talk to that student one on one and tell them to get their act together and the student will feel patronized as well. After a failing student hears that they usually just give up hope and wind
up not caring about the class or that teacher anymore and they will continue to let their grade slip further into the abyss.
After school lets out and all the students have left the school, they all for the most part, go home to be with their families. A student’s parents have always had the greatest impact on their children since the day they were born. One must think though, for the minority students that act white, do their parents act white as well or did their...

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