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Up-North Fishing Outfitters (UNFO) is the premier source for fishing equipment in the Northern Michigan area. The corporate headquarters has determined that it may be good for business for UNFO to switch to an e-business model to help them reduce their costs, recognize additional revenue streams, and improve their customer service. This document will identify e-business and e-commerce web technologies to support the proposed implementation.
Emerging Technologies
One of the up-and-coming technologies that can be used for e-business is cloud technology. With the implementation of cloud computing UNFO can use internet-based server farms for its e-business and e-commerce ...view middle of the document...

It is very important to identify the areas that will make your business successful such as who is your target demographic; for UNFO the demographic is mostly people who enjoy fishing and the outdoors in general. Other important strategies are making sure to keep the appropriate for our customers and make sure the web site is easy to navigate to maximize its effectiveness. This can be monitored with visitor input and how overall customer service is handled when involving web issues.
Risk, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
There is always a certain risk when considering transforming to an e-commerce business model. Since most cyberattacks in this day and age are driven by money it is a good bet that e-commerce sites might come under attack. One of the attacks that is commonplace are SQL injection and buffer overflow attacks. These attacks can lead to unauthorized administrator access to your e-commerce servers. UNFO will have to comply with PCI DSS standards in their IT infrastructure. These standards will help set up your business to be safe for your customer’s credit card information and privacy. This is not a cure all that will prevent all attacks with everything active security and monitoring of networks can warn you of an impending attack. If any of this is compromised or fails this can...

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