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Island Man Essay

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“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” In the case of the Blasket people this statement does not stand true. The Blasket’s resemble a modern day blue collar neighborhood in the United States, where hard work is in their blood but little progression is made for the betterment of them or their family. The people of the blasket islands were tough, they were employed from the oceans resources but also torn apart by its vast storms. Keeping them from sinking in the treturous sea was their religious devotion that was always by their side. The Blasket people were tough, hardworking, and religious due to their surrounding environment, however that same environment that provided for the ...view middle of the document...

The fish dragged me overboard” (11). Tomas’s dad was a fisherman, and Tomas had no choice but to learn how to fish since a young age. Education takes a secondary role to labor in the Blasket society because they need young kids like Tomas to use the islands resources and turn them into tangible items you can use. For example, taking fish from the sea and preparing it so it was okay to eat. Although most women in the rest of the world in the early 1900’s did not work, and stayed home to take care of the household, the women of the Blasket islands were much different. The women had no choice. There was no down time on the blaskets as the women had the choice of either starving or working, “There were no asses in the Island in those days, only a creel on the back of every man and of every women too that is to say, every woman that wasn’t a pet or a sly knave who would rather starve than work” (3). Nothing on the blaskets was given, rather everything was painfully worked for, as a result the people were instilled with ideals of discipline, and everyday persistence in order to maintain an orderly society.
In such a tough environment, the Blasket people looked to religion to guide them through tough times. Religion provided reasoning behind tragic events for the Blasket people. When Tomas son was trying to save a girl from drowning, and drowned himself, God provided reasoning for Tomas, “I hope they did not think that I was angry with them because my son had died for their daughter. I was never foolish as that. If it was for her he died it could not be helped. It was God’s will” (198). The blaskets are a place filled with dismay and its only natural for the people to look for guidance from God. God keeps them on track while also giving them a weekly place to meet on Sundays. Often the people of the blaskets will give up on their given task because they don’t have the will to go on. For example, when Tomas and others were in search of land, after pursuing...

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