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Island Power Systems Essay

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Island Power Systems
Nowadays energy consumption is growing with a very big rate. As result, we need to produce more electricity. Despite of technological progress there are many areas in the world without electrical provision or with a very bad quality of it. Such places are characterized with remote location from big cities with power stations and electrical grids. There are two possible solutions to this problem: extension of the interconnected network or building of a stand alone power system. The aim of this essay to describe key points that must be taken into account for making better choice between these variants by the example of three types of community with using of renewable ...view middle of the document...

When the length of the AC power lines is over several thousand kilometers, there is another kind of loss - radio waves. As result, probability of breaking of new grid between the community and the existing grid will increase. In addition, energy consumption there is low, so it is not required spend money on extension of the grid. It is better to create a solar power plant in view of hot weather conditions. Of course, energy storages should be installed too. They will meet energy consumption during night when there is no the sun.

The second example is a medium sized community, 100 people, with modern electrical appliances, on a remote northern European island. It needs a lot of money to extend the grid. In addition, probability of theft of electricity growths up. People can connect to the grid illegally and create losses of energy and dangerous accidence. In this case, we can use a wind power station because of a strong wind on the island. It should be offshore wind station because, in many cases, islands do not have a very large size. Energy storages with charge when there production of excess energy will be and then meet the peaks of consumption. Another variant to safe excess energy is to use hydro-generators. They will transform water from bottom tank to up tank during a low energy consumption, and flow this water down during a high demand of energy. Such system gives good result on Foula (one of the Shetland Islands group, north of Scotland) [2]. Also we should think about connection between wind turbines. It is better to use looped configuration instead of radial configuration. It will be decrease the number of turned off turbines in case of some of them will be broken, also it make ease to detect place of damage and repair of it [3].

The last case is a new hotel on an island, 10 km from the mainland, in the...

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