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Issues And Ethics In The "Helping" Professions

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Critique of Issues and Ethics Themes in the Helping Professions

Workers in the helping professions endure a massive amount of ethical and professional issues. These issues affect the practice of counseling and the relationship with the client. The book Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions by Corey, Corey, and Hallanan gives many themes that one will encounter throughout their career. The book also gives possible solutions to problems and stimulates different ways to think about issues. The authors of this book provide good knowledge and information for anyone in the helping professions.
One theme of the book that stands out is the counselor as a person and a professional. ...view middle of the document...

It can never hurt to get feedback and other perspectives, especially if the therapist is struggling with personal or professional issues.
Another beneficial theme of the book is values and the helping profession. A therapists’ values are part of who they are and it is difficult to ignore them. A complicated issue counselors have is keeping their values from influencing the client and realizing that their task is to help clients identify their beliefs and apply their values to solving problems (Corey et al., 2010). A good point made in this book was for a therapist and client to clarify their values. This way they both have an understanding of each other’s values and could be able to recognize when value imposition is occurring. If value conflicts are occurring during therapy it would be a good idea to refer the client to someone who can better understand where the client is coming from. If referral is the only way, then perhaps the counselor should explore their values and involvement in therapy.
Along with values is one’s religious and spiritual beliefs. Corey et al. (2010) say that therapists should not act as if they are an expert in religion or push their beliefs onto the client. That is understandable but is it really that easy. Say for instance that a clients belief was that on October 30, 2011 their congregation would commit suicide and be taken away in a spaceship that Jesus was on. How does a therapist try to tell the client that this is incorrect without imposing their values on the client? Does the therapist respect the clients’ views, even though he knows this idea was forced on the client? It is good not to impose values onto to clients but sometimes it might be beneficial. For example, the client is a woman who values her life at nothing and says she has no reason to live. A therapist may need to remind them that there is a purpose of life and there are reasons to live and value life and the future. The therapist wouldn’t intentionally push his values to the client, but if the client has no values they may adopt the therapists’ values in their journey to realizing there is a purpose of life. It is easy to say just don’t push values onto clients, but sometimes it may be helpful for the client.
An important theme in this book is multicultural perspectives. Having some ideas about other cultures is beneficial for the counselor. According to Kim, Ng, and Ahn (2005), a study shows that if counselors are in tune with various cultures and show that they can relate to the client culturally, then they are perceived as culturally competent and are given more credit. Corey et al. (2010) state that counselors want to do a good job showing they know the clients culture and yet they may go overboard and lose the scope of the therapy. It seems as if there are many sides to becoming culturally aware. If a therapist knows too little about different cultures, then they can’t help all clients. If a therapist knows too...

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