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Issues And Strategies Of Robin Hood

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Angela Phothisane
Robin Hood
1) An issue that Robin Hood has come across is that he and his band of Merrymen are slowly being crushed. In the beginning of his second year, Robin Hood was doing extremely well. It seemed that he had everything organized and under controlled; he had new recruits coming in from all over England, and he has assigned specific tasks for each of his lieutenants. This growing number of Merrymen is becoming the main issue for Robin Hood. This issue is especially important for Robin Hood to consider and reevaluate his decisions and modifications if he wants to be successful in the future. His plan is working for him now, but will backfire on him, which has already started. They are approaching food capacity, supplies are becoming scared, and the cost of food is draining the band financially. Robin Hood needs to focus on this issue and come up with a better strategy for the future.

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An organized plan will result in a successful defeat. This solution also has some downfalls. A strategic vision may be better organized for the band, but the Merrymen may not all agree with the goals implemented by RH. Each person has their own ideas and opinions; and if they can’t voice their opinions, members may just walk out on RH. My second solution is to apply a scanning process. This will be successful if the process is done properly. RH currently is accepting anyone who wants to join the band. RH and his lieutenants should look at qualified applicants. RH’s team should make sure his Merrymen will be able to live outside the law, they should be committed, and members should be willing to do what it takes to overthrow the sheriff. Scanning each person will build a stronger band and develop a long term relationship with the band. There are also disadvantages to this solution. Laying out requirements for each person will be time consuming. We all know that the Sheriff has a strong team, and has already started his plan to attack. If RH and his team continue to scan each person, they will lose time and fall behind. In this situation RH and his band needs to move quickly. Another disadvantage is that each person may not fulfill all of RH’s requirements; this will result in a small band and will not be enough to defeat the Sheriff.

3) I would recommend that RH implement a strategic vision. The first step is to answer the three most important strategic questions; what, where and how. The answers to these questions will lead to a positive route to a successful future. RH should then brainstorm goals that will best benefit his band. Goals should long term and benefit for the future. RH and his team should then determine a common goal. A common goal will put everyone on the same page, and each member will also understand what has to be done. RH will then have to apply a strategy on how to achieve their goal. Every decision should be communicated to each member of the band for it to be successful. Once the message has gotten across to everyone, they should start the attack on the sheriff. If these steps are properly implemented then RH and his band will be accomplish their mission.

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