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Issues In Barcelona Essay

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1- Overcrowding the city
Barcelona attracts high visitor numbers from within Spain and internationally. Visitors for both long and short city-breaks are most concentrated during the summer peak season. Visitor’s interests are also diverse from the cultural and architectural, to the shopping and beach holidays, and for the young, the thriving nightlife is the key.
All these elements combined turn Las Ramblas, the Sagrada Familia and other tourist attractions into a slow moving mass of people. This means that the structure and layout of the city is concentrated in a small central ...view middle of the document...

These effects increase their impact when tourism is combined by a high season, where the population in Barcelona increase, but the city does not have flexible and expanding infrastructures to cope with this. Barcelona is also Spain’s second biggest and important commercial city with a substantial shipping port, which has also an effect on pollution into the sea.

3- When the beaches get overcrowded
The beaches of the coast of Barcelona, has been cleaned up and the Olympic harbour was built for the Olympics in 1992 and ever since has become both a tourist magnet and a boost for the whole city.
Barcelona is located by the sea with 4 km of beach that runs along the edge of the city on the Mediterranean. The beaches are an important resource, both for the people who like to spend their free time, and also because they attract tourists every year. The city is proud of its beaches and does a great job to keep them well maintained. There are many bars, restaurants, shops and many other places to be entertained; the only problem is that these beaches become very crowded and noisy, especially the ones in Sant Sebastia and Barceloneta during the high season.
An option to overcome this issue would be to start allocating different times on the beach, especially during the busy season, or charging people to use the beach and the facilities on it. Also it could be advertised in a different way such as a cultural city, rather than as a beach party destination, a different crowd of people might be attached to it.

4- Losing the cultural authenticity
The socio-cultural...

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