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The topic I have chosen for this paper is the issue of suicide across the nation. Suicide is on the rise across the nation and it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of what makes a person want to commit such a devastating act. On average around 1 person commits suicide every 16 minutes. There are around 7 billion people in this world and it is almost impossible to accurately diagnose and foresee future events, especially something like suicide.
There are many different websites and hotlines to call if people are ever feeling down or at risk of hurting themselves. Many people are unaware of the different options and sources that they could use in order to ...view middle of the document...

Two last things that are very important are to help reassure them that it will be okay in the end and to create a plan in order for them to get good help so that they do not feel that way anymore. There are also things that you should not say at all such as asking a question that you know may receive a “no” for an answer or making the person feel inferior or less then the human that they are because of what they are facing.
It is important to let the person know that there are many different options where they are able to receive help. With technology booming and appearing at a faster rate everywhere in the world, there are so many new options that have been established to help people in need. If one person is afraid of talking, they can easily gain access to a laptop or some other electronic device and talk to a professional helper that way.
Suicide is claimed to be the second leading cause of death for people between the ages of 24 and 35. This can be a stressful time in people lives because they most likely barely got out of college and are trying to look for a house with low rent or a good paying job to feed, shelter and clothe themselves. Many people at this age are under pressure and stress to perform well especially since this is one of the prime times in their life. This is one of the most crucial times in your life, almost like a making or breaking point to see what your future holds. Many people do not know how to control all of the things happening in their life and they resort to hurting themselves in order to feel pleasure from the pain.
Over the past five years it has been statistically proven that the rate of suicide in America has been sky rocketing. According to the website...

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