It 109 Final Review

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Unit 1 Review:

1.) The general public in the United States will be able to purchase all of the Win 7 editions in retail stores except?

Home Basic, Starter, and Enterprise

2.) The core module that provides all of the Win 7 capability that isn’t language- or edition- specific is called?


3.) When you copy a file to a library, Windows Explorer writes the file to the folder designated as the?

Default Save Location

4.) To use federated search, you must download or create XML files for specific sites called?

Search Connectors

5.) The only operating system edition that you can upgrade in-place to Win 7 Professional is?

Home Premium

6.) Upgrading a ...view middle of the document...

) _____________ systems gather together multiple CPUs to accomplish computational work and are closely connected by a high-speed network.


18.) An operating system provides an environment for the execution of ___________.


19.) In a GUI, users employ a mouse-based windows-and-menu system characterized by a _____________ metaphor.


20.) Two important design issues for cache memory are ____________.

Size and replacement policy

Unit 2 Review:

1.) Windows Easy Transfer supports two types of migrations, called.

Side by side and Wipe and Load

2.) When a serious problem occurs with win 7, you might be able to repair it by starting the Win PE operating system and running diagnostic tools. In this scenario, Win PE is called by another name, which is.

Windows RE

3.) To migrate user profile information from one computer to another, you can use either.

Win Easy Transfer or User State Migration

4.) A computer running Win PE will automatically reboot after.

72 hours

5.) Windows Easy Transfer supports migration using any removable storage medium common to the two computers except.

Floppy Disk

6.) The Windows 7 component that enables the computer to support more than one language is called.

MUI or Multi-Language User Interface

7.) The reason it is possible to remove the Win 7 installation disk to supply the Setup program with drivers is that Win PE runs on a?

RAM Disk

8.) To upgrade win XP to Win 7, you must perform a?

Clean Install

9.) The files and settings that Windows Easy Transfer can migrate to a Win 7 computer are primarily stored in?

User Profile Folder

10.) As a pre-installation environment, Win PE is a vast improvement over MS-DOS because it includes internal support for?

Networking and NTFS

11.) __________ allows a single piece of computer hardware to appear as several separate computers, each with its own CPU, memory, disk drives, and NICs.

A virtual machine

12.) What application is responsible for locating and loading the kernel of the operating system so that the operating system may be loaded and can take over control of the hardware?

Bootstrap loader

13.) Virtual machine software uses a ____________ to interface between the host operating system and the guest operating systems.

Virtualization layer

14.) System virtualization allows guest operating systems to run at _________, while a simulated, or emulation, has performance ___________ than system virtualization.

Almost full speed, much less

15.) Small handheld hardware, such as cell phones and remote controls, generally contain their operating system ______________.

In firmware

16.) A _____________ is an example of a systems program.

Command interpreter

17.) A microkernel is a kernel __________.

That is stripped of all nonessential components

18.) A boot block ___________.

Knows only the location and length of the...

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