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It 140 Unit 1 Db 2

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Introduction to Operating Systems and Client/Server Environments
Unit 1 – Discussion Board 2
January 6, 2016
Operating Systems

Operating Systems (OS) are the key to managing your computer’s software, hardware, processes and memory (GCF Global, 1998-2016). Without it your computer wouldn’t be able to run various programs that need access to volatile information. As technology advances, we need various OSs that can handle the newer computers. Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux are OSs used on personal computers today and now use a GUI (graphical user interface) where everything can be managed using a click of the mouse (GCF Global, 1998-2016). Back ...view middle of the document...

Server specific OSs run on Mac OS X Server (GCF Global, 1998-2016). The disadvantage to Apple is that their OSs are pretty expensive and their systems can only be modified by Apple.

The last OS is Linux which is considered an Open-Source OS because the user can make changes and sell the systems to whomever they wish. As opposed to MS and Apple, Linux is a free system but still has different versions; Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora (GCF Global, 1998-2016). You can change the OS to look and feel however you want making it more accessible to users. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up with a system that doesn’t function how it should.

Evolution of Operating Systems

Operating Systems have come a long way since the time of typewriters, mimeographs and carbon paper. Microsoft was the brain child of Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They felt that every home should have a computer to use so they created one of the earliest OSs, “MS-DOS” or Microsoft Disk Operating System (Microsoft, 2016). Because “MS-DOS” was hard for people to understand they came up with the Windows OS. From there newer versions were created that had better speed, more popup windows and eventually graphics. Starting in 1995 the internet could be supported on the OS creating a new world for users. Since then, Microsoft has updated and...

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