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It 205 Computer Systems Scenarios Essay

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Scenarios 1
Computer Systems Scenarios

Computer Systems Scenarios
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Scenarios 2
Computer Systems Scenarios
I will recommend what type of computer system would be the best fit for the scenarios in Appendix C. I will use what I have learned in chapter two to determine which system would be best for each individual or organization.
Scenario One
Sarah’s Flower Designs would benefit the most from a minicomputer. A minicomputer is powerful enough to serve Sarah’s home-based business in Madison, Wisconsin, house client information and order histories, and keep up with the growing demand of her customers. I would recommend at ...view middle of the document...

Each of the
desktop computers would also have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer to accommodate the employees daily workplace needs. I would recommend split keyboards for use on the desktop computers to reduce the risk of lost productivity and medical expenses from potential RSI occurrences to SBI Corporation employees. I would also recommend laptop computers for the 20 employees that travel to various locations so these employees have access to emails and company programs that may be needed and get that information immediately. I would recommend that all the desktop and laptop computers have CD-RW capabilities to read, write, and rewrite information to share with clients, potential clients, venders, or whomever.
Scenario Three
The Helping Hands League would benefit most from a desktop computer. A desktop computer would fit into the budget of a nonprofit organization. Desktop computers have the storage capacity to handle the information of volunteers and clients in need of extra help with chores, errands, or various other household needs. To stay within budget, just one monitor and key board would be sufficient. A monitor and keyboard would be necessary to view and input data such as tax information and schedule needs for clients. If The Helping Hands League’s budget allows a mouse I would recommend one for this system. A mouse would decrease the time spent maneuvering...

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