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It 241 Final Assignment

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Associate Level Material
Appendix J

Wireless Network Plan

Use the following outline to create your wireless network plan. Fill in each section of the plan as required.

Deployment Scenario

The deployment scenario of the wireless network that I will be using is going to be the infrastructure mode with an Extended Service Set. In the infrastructure setup there will be a wired network as well as a wireless network. Access points, switches, and Ethernet cables will be used in this network to be able to connect a switch to the access point and from one access point to the next. Various access points will be necessary to cover all the areas necessary. I will put a dedicated access ...view middle of the document...

Those areas will also have access to the wireless network. The computer stations, and the break room will only be wireless.

Hardware Components

Component Name: Switch – Cisco Small Business 200 Series SLM2048T-NA Smart SG200-50 Gibabit Switch
o Rationale for using component: A business switch is used to connect to the access points and to the wired network at a reasonable speed. It will be receiving the signal from routers and switches from other floors.
o Rough cost estimate: The cost for the Cisco switch is $535.00 (See references)

• Component Name: Access Point – (5) Cisco Small Business WAP321 Wireless-N Gigabit Ethernet
o Rationale for using component: 5 access points will be used to cover all the areas necessary.
o Rough cost estimate: The cost of each access point is $164.00 (See references)

• Component Name: Ethernet Cable (Cat 6)
o Rationale for using component: Network cables will be used to connect a wired network to the access points and the switch, and create a wireless network.
o Rough cost estimate: The cost is $110.00 for 1000 feet (See references)

IEEE Wireless Network Type

Apex Designs has identified that an 802.11n LAN will be implemented.

Access Point Management

Apex Designs has decided that thin access points will be used to simplify the management of the wireless LAN. These access points allow the wireless network to be managed from one central location rather than to be configured separately for each access point.

Location of Wireless Devices
Network Performance Impediment Report (overview of floor plan and possible impediments)
The floor plan of the Customer Service Call Center is divided into several areas. The central call center stations area which is divided into two by a metal wall which causes interference in the wireless signal from one area to the other and a data center and five offices with walls of low level interference and glass windows. Another area is the Conference room which has a concrete wall between the call center stations and the conference room, and a break room with furniture, metal appliances and microwaves which can affect the wireless signal also. Because the appliances in the break room are confined by a wall, the level of interference to the wireless signal to the call center decreases. There will also be one person in every station, people at the conference center and people in the offices; the number of people moving around can become an impediment as well. Another factor to consider that can affect the signal performance is the electrical equipment and wires in the area; this is not a high level of interference but the possibility of interference remains.
Summary list of possible impediments to wireless performance
• Glass windows (Low)
• Metal wall dividing the call center stations (High)
• Concrete wall by the conference center (High)
• People moving (Low)
• Microwave and metal appliances...

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