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It 244 Final Assignment

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Information Security Policy
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University of Phoenix
IT/244 Intro to IT Security
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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 1
2. Introduction 1
3. Disaster Recovery Plan 1
3.1. Key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan 1
3.2. Disaster Recovery Test Plan 1
4. Physical Security Policy 1
4.1. Security of the facilities 1
4.1.1. Physical entry controls 1
4.1.2. Security offices, rooms and facilities 1
4.1.3. Isolated delivery and loading areas 2
4.2. Security of the information systems 2
4.2.1. Workplace protection ...view middle of the document...

But there is ample evidence that vulnerabilities are there: examples of all three kinds of failure abound, and vulnerabilities are found almost every time people seriously look for them.
Within this vast, complex cyberspace system, it is so simple to connect that users of today’s systems require few skills and little understanding of the underpinnings. Thus, we require not only technical protections but also an awareness and alertness on the part of all users to the dangers inherent in the use of any system connected to a network. Attacks so far have been limited. However, many believe that it is only a matter of time before prolonged, multifaceted, coordinated attacks are going to find those network vulnerabilities and exploit them to produce serious consequences. Prudence dictates better protection against accidents and attacks before things get much worse. All realizations of “visions of the information society” are going to be severely limited if the people in that society do not trust or feel secure with the underlying infrastructures.
Alertness to the dangers requires protections that can stay abreast of changing attack modes. An essential part of a defense strategy is continual network monitoring and innovation in monitoring techniques to minimize the potential for damage from the actions of cybercriminals. However, there are multiple stages of defense and a cycle of understanding, which is a complex system in itself. The overlapping stages of prevention and/or thwarting an attack, incident management, reconstituting after an attack, and improving defender performance by analysis and redesign are essential to understanding the elements of each network intrusion attempt. Invariably, gaining this understanding involves some ability to trace the route of attack to the source so that the attacker can be identified. International cooperation can help to bring about success in this effort, in situations where it would be impossible otherwise.
Faced with the possibility of disruption of critical infrastructures in ways that could have serious consequences, governments should be expected to implement prudent defense plans. Each country should first identify those infrastructures and their interdependencies that are critical to its survival and to its social and economic well being. Planning for specific defenses of these identified infrastructures may usefully include both passive5 and active defense forms.

2. Introduction
Due in Week One: Give an overview of the company and the security goals to be achieved.
Company overview
As relates to your selected scenario, give a brief 100- to 200-word overview of the company.
I have chosen Sunica Music and Movies. It is a multimedia chain that has four locations. The issue that Sunica has encountered is that the four stores operate as separate entities and are in need of an improvement in communication. The four stores are not able to coordinate orders and inventory. Due to the lack...

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