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It 590 Unit 3 Essay

2334 words - 10 pages

Assignment 3 Privacy: Perspectives, Public Information, and U.S. Legislation
Maria A Castro
IT590 Legal and Ethical Issue in IT
Professor Ellen Raineri
Kaplan University

Table of Contents
1. Part 1. Explain the Fair Information Practices Act. Compare and contrast the Code of Fair Information Practices with the private sector’s use of information. Is the private sector better at self-policing than the government, or should the government’s rules be extended to include private database ………………………………………………………………………….. 4
Part 2. What are your rights with regards to the information that you post or text? Does your level of privacy increase depending on your ...view middle of the document...

The laws exist; the key concept of applicability is what makes the difference. The third part of the paper describes some considerations that are in place to improve the legislations.
Key Words: private, privacy, personal information, text, communications, trade, regulations, sharing, network, IP, servicer provider, practices, databases

Legal and Ethical Issues in IT
Part 1. Explain the Fair Information Practices Act. Compare and contrast the Code of Fair Information Practices with the private sector’s use of information. Is the private sector better at self-policing than the government, or should the government’s rules be extended to include private database?
The Fair Information Practices Principles (FIPPs) are guidelines representing the accepted concepts use at the electronic and information business. The Act compiled the general terms that U.S. government define as the standards to collect and use personal data, and matters refer to privacy and correctness in cases of disagreements.
The FIPPs Act is the result of the U.S Federal Trade Commission Office analysis on privacy and protection issues in practices to create a mechanism to effective regulate the activities on the information business. The Act based on a set of core principles of notice, choice, access and security. The Act provides guidelines and standard grounds for sanctions, self-regulations, protect privacy and governability of practices (Dixon, 2007).
1. Notice / Awareness Principle: Before any personal information is collect for the entity, the consumers should be informing. The companies should explain and notify what is the purpose of collecting data. The users and participants shall have access to know the steps to provide confidentiality and integrity protection.
2. Choice / Consent: The consumer should have the control to specify if the data can be used for marketing purpose. The common practices to grant control is with the opt-in and opt-out choices. If the are not action from the consumer, the system will follow the default parameters and gather the information.
3. Access / Participation: Besides having access to consent the consumers can view the data collected and verify its accuracy.
4. Integrity / Security: The company collecting information should provide and warranty that the methodology to gather information from the consumer is secure and accurate. The company should provide the proper data secure to protect the information against third party access or threats. Encryption and computer security measures should explain and up-to-date.
5. Enforcement / Redress: The FTC provides guidelines for self-regulations, private remedies, and government enforcement.
The FIPP Act does not define how the practices should be apply before the data is collected. The Act does not provide standard methodologies to inform the consumers whether the use or the security steps taken to enforce a mechanism that impose fees or sanctions for noncompliance (DHS, 2008). In...

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