It Enrollment System Goals Essay

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Section 2. Project Overview 3
2.1 Project summary 3
2.2 Project goals, business outcomes, and objectives 3
2.3 Project scope 4
2.4 Milestones 5

Section 2. Project Overview
2.1 Project summary
This project is aim to create an “Enrollment System” orientated to satisfy the business demands that the “project sponsor” have on the newly created “St George Private High School” and the necessary dealings with all the “Key Stakeholders” involved. This project purpose is to satisfy the key aspects of them.
For the Owner Committee, it is very important to help students to access their school online, from the very beginning. Throughout the 1st step: registering on line for ...view middle of the document...

| Provide a system that substantially improves availability and delivery of information and service to students, teachers, staff, project sponsor and other users. | * Make a plan for system maintenance * Make a plan for clean up database | * Users happy - business happy |
3. | Provide reliable and valid student and academic program data in one system of record that allows for the flexibility to meet specific high school Strategic decision-making needs and ensure that data quality continues to improve. | * Build Main database server * Create a place to store the data | * Easier way to retrieve business information. * Implement easy reporting tools |
4. | Implement a stable, integrated, upgrade-compatible system with minimal total cost of ownership. | * Research for the latest technology that offers speed, reduced food print, capacity and stability | * Saving energy is saving money * A reliable system will provide less surprises and time saving |
5. | Create a way to connect school, students and other uses from outside the school gates | * Build a Web page * Make more viable for students to access school. * Make a way for students to register. * Promoting activities and extracurricular activities. | * Promoting the school is promoting business. * Owners will know if they are having enough clients. * Save time for student to register. |
2.3 Project scope
2.3.1 Scope definition
The scope of the project covers the process of the enrollment of students for St George Private High School only, although the system could be expanded, to cover more departments like the teachers area or staff management.
It would be reviewed by the project managers and the project sponsor to decide if it can be worked out in the time-frame provided.
2.3.2 Boundaries
The mayor activities to be done for the enrollment system are:
The management of the registration of each student via online (web page-system) (student number)
The management of the payments (invoice)
The management of each student successfully enrolled per year (enrollment register)
Management of rooms provided for each subject-class
Management of classes
Management of subjects (5 compulsory + 2 electives)
Management of extra curricula activities (sports, drama, music and dance)
Provide a time table for each enrolled student per class (year)
Manage attendance
Management of record results
Management of income/spent reports
Management bank statement register
Produce asynchronous products:
* Top 10 students of the...

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