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Satire. A trend of the ancient times, following America like a lost a puppy. But where did it come from? Why did it get started? To answer these questions take a look at satirical historians. They believe the starting point of satire most likely goes back to many ancient ethnic groups who used it in rituals. The people believed that their words were just as powerful as their swords, making satire a thing to be feared. In fact, satire was so extremely feared among the ethnic groups and the people that if someone was found using it, they would be put to death by fire (Roman). Among those who have strong influences, Jonathan Swift wrote a wonderful explanation of satire in his preface to The ...view middle of the document...

When laughter comes into the aftermath of things, emotions and defenses are slowly but surely broken down; this will make readers more aware of what needs changed, whether it be in their own life or society as a whole.
Satire is generally always used to ridicule or scorn the actions of humans either through exaggeration, incongruity, reversals, or parody. Exaggeration is used to enlarge, increase, or represent something beyond normal bounds so that it becomes ridiculous and its faults can be seen. Incongruity is used to present things that are out of place or are absurd in relation to its surroundings. Reversals are to present the opposite of the normal order. A Parody is to imitate the techniques and/or style of a person, a place, or a thing. Although there are other types of satire, these terms are the most common techniques artists will use, mainly because they can be the most capable to move an audience.
Often times the everyday life of people will become more of a routine and less enjoyable and spontaneous; by using exaggeration for a work of satire it allows a sense of entertainment to take the place of the somewhat boring life of an adult. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, exaggeration is brought into play as one of the characters states, “. . . in a year or two when the war’s over they'll be traveling to Mars and back . . .” (Golding 84). Mars is seen as a nearly impossible destination to make, and by exaggerating the capabilities of humans it teaches us that we can’t make everything come about, no matter how intelligent we think we are. Another example of a satirical technique used in Lord of the Flies is the book itself. While the children ranging from ages 5 to 10 are supposed to be innocent and naïve, there is a distinct maturity level among this group of kids. Not only are they somewhat mature, they have a savagery personality taking over with their painted faces and nudity in Chapter 12; this in itself is the incongruity.
In Jonathan Swift’s, A Modest Proposal, there is much the author is criticizing. In this case, however, a parody comes into play. Some people believe that anything too stupid to be said is sung, and in certain cases, people think there is something wise in every thought, when in reality they have no clue what they’re saying. Swift’s use of a parody—that the Irish should eat their babies—is imitating the intelligence level of some people who think their ideas are so marvelous, when it is really a terrible suggestion (Swift). Another parody is found in A Modest Proposal as Swift explains his final statement. He claims “. . . [I] have nothing to gain economically from this proposal . . . “This is a parody because it imitates the usual objections of people who claim to be unselfish in their proposals (Swift).
A reversal is a major technique used in the film Tangled. As Princess Rapunzel uses her unnaturally long hair to bring up her pretend mother from the tower, it is...

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