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It Has Been Claimed That The Humanistic Approach Has Little To Offer Psychology. Outline And Evaluate The Humanistic Approach In Psychology. Refer To At Least One Other Approach In Your Answer (12 Marks)

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It has been claimed that the humanistic approach has little to offer psychology. Outline and evaluate the humanistic approach in psychology. Refer to at least one other approach in your answer (12 marks)

The humanistic approach is an approach put together by Maslow and Rogers to explain human behaviour.

the humanistic approach considers an individuals subjective experience to be very important in an individuals action and their conscious experiences. They believe that behaviour will differ amongst individuals as everyone has had different experiences and therefore does not not reduce behaviour to a single component. Behaviour can only be understood through an empathetic approach, ...view middle of the document...

The behaviourist would therefore criticise the humanistic approach and believe that they need to emphasise on the environmental factors which need to be considered when viewing behaviour. A weakness of the humanistic approach is its not scientific. It does not use rigorous experimental studies to carry out its research and establish cause and effect, This causes the approach to lack reliability as the studies conducted cannot be replicated to produce the same results. This does not fulfil the aims of science of control and prediction.

The humanistic approach emphasises on individuality and believes that everyone has their own personal experience so therefore it does not form any general laws which can apply to everyone. it takes on an idiographic approach focusing on individuals separately. Taking on an idiographic approach has benefits such as it provides an in depth case study of an individuals behaviour which will allow us to have deep insight into a particular behaviour. However, the humanistic approach believes that every individual has the ability to reach self actualisation, it does not take into account any barriers which stop some individuals from reaching self actualisation such as religious...

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