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It In Hospitals Essay

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Latest Technological Development in Hospitals

1. Patient identity confirmation
When patients admit to the hospital, they are required to register. During the traditional registration process, nurse will fix a 2D barcode on patients’ forearm in order to identify patients. Today, nurse will take a photo of patient as well and this photo will store in the database of patient. No matter what treatments, surgeries or even food patients are going to take, staff in the hospital would use their own PDA to reassure that things are doing on the right patient by checking the barcode and patient’s face.

2. Centralized vital signs monitor system
Vital signs, including pulse, respiration rate, ...view middle of the document...

Nurses will give the correct dose of medicine to patients according to PDA’s instructions and return the signal to the system when patients take their pills. If medicine of patients does not distribute on time, the system will issue a reminder to staff.

5. Drug sensitive warning
After doctors issue the drug prescription, the system will check the drug sensitive records of the patient and drugs that the patient recently taking. By doing this checking, the system can make sure that no side effect or drug repelling will bring to the patients.

6. Infant security system
When the baby is born, nurses will immediately fix the 2D barcode hand strap as well as the anti-thief hand strap to monitor the physical location of the babies. When babies leave the infant area without taking off the hand strap, security alarm will be triggered and hospitals’ security level will be increased in no time.

7. Emergency Service Classification
Patients go to A & E department will be classify into 3 different emergency level according to their situation. Computer system will help staff to prioritize the most emergency patient to the least one. Through the process, hospitals can update the waiting time to their Internet so users of A & E can estimate which hospital they are going. This technology would be more useful when large scale accident happened.

8. Medical waste tracking system
As medical waste contains a lot of germs or virus, it must be sealed before it was dumped. This tracking system is used to ensure the waste is sent directly to the landfills and no illegal use or accidental leakage of such waste.

9. Robotic Surgery
The term robotic surgery refers to performing a medical surgery in the aid of computer system as well as robots. These kind of robots allow people to overcome human limitations. For example, some surgery requires very tiny movements that humans cannot done but it can be done easily by robotic arm due to the accurate physical calculation of angle and force.

10. Implantable device in our body
This device can be implanted inside our body, such as heart and bloodstream. They can perform specific task in our body. For example, clearing blood clot inside the bloodstream.


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