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March 30, 2009

It Industry Careers-Types, Certificate, degree requirements, duties, salary, job outlook

The computer technology field is taking a world wide turn in the society today. Everything from ID cards to personal medical records can now be accessed by a computer chip. The purpose of this research project is to show what the It Industry Careers- Types, certificate, degree requirements, duties, salary, and job outlook is in the technical field. This document will show what type of career opportunities that is available and what degree is required for each position. Some ...view middle of the document...

This program is designed for undergraduate students who wish to expand their technology knowledge using software tools for Information Security.
Kaplan University, the Information Technology Pathway Certificate provides you with the foundational knowledge of key information in the technology area including computer hardware, the internet database, computer programming, and networking. This is more of an advance certificate course.
Devry has a variety of certificate courses, but the graduate certificate is available in Information Security. This type of certificate allows you to work in that certificate field only. You must contain a 3.0 grade average and financial aid is not available for certificate courses.
Strayer University offers a wide range of diploma courses. This course of study focus on the acquisition of Information System knowledge and skills. The program is designed for individuals seeking computer skills to increase their job opportunities in their current careers or to pursue a new career. The diploma program has an advantage to students desiring early entry into the job market preparing entry level computer positions.
The Associate degree program is a two year course. The type of careers that this degree offers in the IT Industry are; CIS Networking, CIS Programming, Computer Information System, Info.Technology/Info.Tech Support, Information Technology Networking, Info. Tech. Web Designer, Computer Info. Science and Info. System Administrative.
CIS Networking prepare you with the general education applied knowledge and technical skills required for a range of entry level position. You will gain the skills necessary to install and maintain computers, wireless networks, troubleshooting hardware and software problems, create java application, manage database, and develop web pages. The annual starting salary for these careers range between 30,000 and 40,000 dollars.
Bachelor of Arts is a four year course. The field of Database Administration is obtained with a Bachelor of Arts degree. This career overview has four main Bachelor degree programs which are; Database Administration, Computer Programming, Web Designer, and Computer Forensics. Although, these fields offer the skills to work in almost any field of Computer IT Technology, each degree come with more responsibilities related to the field of study. The field of Database Administration coordinates changes to computer database, test and implement the database, applying knowledge to database management system and implement security measures to safeguard computer database.
The types of jobs that are offered from this field are; Computer Information System Manager, Computer Programmers, Computer Support Specialist, Computer System Analyst, Computer Security Specialist, Computer Operator, and Numerical Tools and Process Control Programmers. A minimum of two or four work related skills, knowledge or experience is needed for these occupations.
The average hourly salary...

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