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It's Only A Dream Essay

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It’s only a dream is an underlying them throughout Disney’s 2010 remake of Alice in Wonderland. For movie lovers everywhere it is a dream come true, if preferences lean toward the book and not toward the warm and fuzzy version Disney first produced. It also feeds the hearts of those who love computer graphics and fantasy fiction, not forgetting Johnny Depp fans everywhere. This particular version is darker than the one of childhood memories, but soothes the soul of the thrill seeking adult mind. It is rated PG-13 so allowing small children to watch it wouldn’t be advisable. It could cause nightmares, depending on the child.
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When first seen, he appears to be slightly damaged with post-traumatic stress syndrome, but very sweet and harmless, until the scene where he loses his temper with the Cheshire Cat. It is learned that Chess (a nickname given the Cheshire Cat by his friends), is a coward after stating all the talk of blood and politics has put him of his tea. This is when the other side of Hatter, and the excellent acting skills of Johnny Depp, come apparent. It is discovered that Hatter suffers from spilt personality disorder. In order to capitalize on this Johnny Depp switches to a Scottish accent.
Johnny Depp isn’t the only big name actor or the only extremely good actor in this film. All of the actors and actresses did an exceptional job. Mia Wasikowska did a fabulous job from beginning to end with Alice. In the beginning, she portrays the young girl on the cusp of womanhood in the way she is in decisive and won’t stand up for herself or when she does she apologizes for doing so. When she is in the carriage and stands up for her right not to where a corset or stockings, she apologizes to her mother and explains away her contrariness as being tired. When dancing with Hamish, she tells him of a vision “of all the women wearing trousers, and the men wearing dresses.” He pretty much tells her to shut up and she says nothing. When Hamish asks her to marry him she goes through all the reasons everyone else has given her as to why it’s a good idea, with a look of utter panic, but none of her own. You see the turning point for her when she stands up to Bayard (voice over done by Timothy Spall) and says
“From the moment I fell down that rabbit hole I’ve been told what I must do, and who I must be.
I’ve been shrunk, stretched, scratched, and stuffed into a teapot. I’ve been accused of being Alice,
And of not being Alice, but this is my dream! I’ll decide where it goes from here.”
The facial expressions and hand gestures during this speech are exactly spot on. Another great actress in this film is Helena Bonham Carter. She has always been a favorite for being a villain. She does bad really good. As the red queen, Irasibeth of Crimms, she is phenomenal! As an...

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