It’s Time For Customers To Mind Their Manners

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It’s Time for Customers to Mind their Manners

I am writing to you, my fellow citizens of Smallville, as plea for you to start using your manners when dining out. I have been in the restaurant business for the past four years. Currently, I am a waitress at a Smallville bar and grill. I have to say that I am surprised at the way I am treated while at work. Never before have I experienced such blatant disrespect in my workplace. I have shared many positive experiences with customers and employees alike, but that is not what I am going to tell you about today. I deal with such rudeness on an everyday level that you would be shocked to hear all the cases. I have decided to highlight a ...view middle of the document...

This would not be a big deal had the parents any inclination to clean up the salt and pepper before leaving, but I knew they would not. Why do you allow your children to wreak havoc in someone else’s workplace? I doubt at home you would hand your three year old a packet of open sugar, or a salt shaker and set her loose. It is even less likely that you would do it in your office building or the home of a friend. Why do you, as responsible parents, think this behavior to be acceptable? I have been around small children most of my life. I know it is not easy to manage them in a restaurant, especially at the end of the day when you parents are tired and they are testing you, but I urge you to look around at the consequences of allowing your children to misbehave. You are not only making the waitresses job a little harder, but you are preventing fellow diners around you from having an enjoyable meal.

Because I now had the opportunity to greet the table properly, I placed beverage napkins in front of each person and introduced my self. My friendly “How are you doing today?” was responded to with “I’ll have a Diet Coke”. I ask you where else would you do this? If you are passing a stranger on the street, and he or she asks you about your general well-being, do you normally answer with a request for something? How out of place would it be for me to respond to a similar greeting in the classroom? Teacher says, “Hello, Jill. How are you this morning?” I reply, “I would like you to teach me something I can actually use in my life today.” Yes, that is what I want, but does it not seem a little more appropriate to just say “I’m fine, and yourself?” As I stood at the table taking the drink order, I kept waiting for one of the parents to prompt their children to say please as they placed their demands for beverages. The gentle promptings never came. Apparently “please” and “thank you” were not common phrases used in this household because I can’t remember hearing either one spoken the whole evening.

The dining experience continued to go downhill after someone at the table had ordered a salad with no edamame beans in it. When I turned the food order into the kitchen, I took special care to write no beans it. I even inspected the food before carrying it to the table. But lo and behold, mixed in with the lettuce carrots and tortilla strips were some stray edamame beans. Of course, I apologized; however, I was treated as though I had personally gone into the kitchen and come up with a diabolical plan to ensure this person would have...

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