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It's Time To Dance Essay

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In John Updike’s “A&P,” plot, setting, and characterization are utilized to give more meaning to the story. Characterization is the distinctive nature or features of a certain character, and it is also the analyzing of the changes a character undergoes throughout a given story. Sammy, the round character in the story, undergoes change in the story as he transforms from an apathetic employee just going through the motions of his job each day into a more dignified person as he stands up for the girls in the story against his boss and then goes on to quit his job, knowing that tough consequences may ensue. This dramatic change that occurs in the story also makes Sammy a dynamic character since he changes from being a ...view middle of the document...

Since the setting of the story is so important to the actions presented throughout, the setting is therefore seen as an integral setting since the actions of the story rely so heavily on the character’s surrounding. Plot, which is the specific order of events in a story, is yet another element in fiction that helps in giving more meaning to a story. The plot of the story is portrayed through rising action since the reader gets a sense of something big to happen by the end of the story since Updike builds the tension as Sammy is watching the girl’s in bathing suits walk around the store. The usual customers of the store seem to be appalled by the attire of the girl’s and by the end of the story we reach our climax when the store manager decides to embarrass and call them out in front of everyone inside the store thus making Sammy quit his job. All of these elements in the story help allow the reader to better interpret the deeper meaning in the story for in which this case, all of these events seem to intertwine with each other to act as a realization of coming of age for Sammy. The plot shows this best as during the first part of the story he has an odd fascination with the girl’s, and also by the end when he finally stands up to his boss. The setting of this story may also play into showing the development of Sammy since him quitting may also show that he is ready to find a better and more meaningful job for himself. Plot, characterization, and setting are all very important elements of fiction for the reader to understand since they may aid in finding the deeper meaning of what the story may be about.

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