It's Time To Open The Border With Mexico

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“It was very painful for all of us, his brothers, his parents, for me. But perhaps those who are suffering the most right now are our children. My kids ask me all the time: 'Why did they kill my dad? What happened to my dad? 'It is a question that I have no answers to, because I do not know why they did this. "
-- Maria Puga, the widow of Alejandro Hernandez Rojas in an interview by Amy Goodman from PBS.

The piercing, fiery screams of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas were real. They stripped the night of its beauty and burnt holes into the hearts of witnesses who stood helpless at the California-Mexico border in May 2010. His cries of “Ayudeme! Por favor!” left embers of pain across both ...view middle of the document...

But, instead of understanding the lives of Mexicans, our culture is focused on one glaring issue: keeping them out. For years Congress had debated about the possibility of a border wall to keep Mexicans from entering our country illegally. In 2010, the wall was finally completed in: Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Striving to kiss the unattainable sky, the wall is accented with 14 feet of vivid stadium light that competes for the night’s attention as young souls dash over the welded steel fence and race across the sand in a game of luck that could bring new life -or death. The wall slashes through the beautiful land, isolates humankind and plants the seeds of corruption into the minds of officials on both sides of the border. But most importantly, the border wall destroys the human morals that Americans have fought so hard to uphold. If we succeed in keeping “them” all out, will we be happy with the people we have fostered in the process?

The physical location of the United States-Mexico border fence poses dangerous effects to nature and the wildlife around the wall. “Border walls have severely affected rivers, streams and wetlands. To build walls in the Otay Mountain Wilderness Area, south of San Diego, Division of Homeland Security dynamited 530,000 cubic yards of rock from mountainsides and dumped the waste into the Tijuana River,” (Scott Nicol, 1). It seems that the government is foregoing all other aspects of this country for the sake of this fence. As troublesome as not having a solution to illegal immigration is, the more horrendous problem is to risk other aspects our country in hopes of making illegal immigration go away. Dumping piles of rock into the Tijuana River is unnatural and is disrupting nature that we can never get back. If illegal immigration is ever resolved then we will be facing a mountain of other issues that have emerged due to our efforts to keep the “them” out. One of which, will be our environment. If keeping immigrants out means destroying our environment, will it really be worth it in the end?

In May of 2005 Congress passed the REAL Id Act which gives the government the right to ignore other laws when it comes to the border wall. This means that other laws that were implanted to protect nature are forgotten in order to maintain “a government project.” The government has the right to cut down national forests, plants, and sever the ties between animal populations living on the border. Jaguars for example, have been spotted in Arizona and in New Mexico in the past few decades but the separation of borders makes it harder for species to repopulate (Nicol,3). The land barriers have also stirred up trouble with institutions of higher education. “The University of Texas has been in dispute with DHS because the proposed fencing will cut off 180 acres of their campus […] and also because the a physical barrier on the campus contradicts a key element in the mission of any institution of higher learning:...

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