It’s Time To Start Palm Oil Extraction Business In Africa

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Palm oil is a common cooking ingredient in the tropical belt of Africa, Southeast Asia and parts of Brazil. Its use in the commercial food industry in other parts of the world is buoyed by its lower cost and by the high oxidative stability (saturation) of the refined product when used for frying. PALM OIL EXTRACTION business is a mega millions business for making most money.
Do you know that you can make N200,000 and above daily even as a medium scale producer? Are you aware that palm kernel oil product is one of the few product you can sell right at the point of production, without necessarily needing to take it to the market?

Depending on your financial capacity, It can be run in a small, medium and large scale. You may be wondering but where can one get palm kernel in large quantity? It is produced in hundreds of thousands tones in the Eastern part of Nigeria annually. All you need to do is to go set up this business around the east or ...view middle of the document...

PKC - Palm Kernel Cake. This another product that is being derived from the palm kernel extraction process and it makes up good percentage of the palm kernel produce.

According to a reliable statistic, it is believed that in every 25 metric tons of good palm kernel nut one is expected to get 10 metric tons of Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) and another 13.5 metric tons of Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) as pure products. Below is how they are sold:

Palm Kernel Cake sold for N100,000 per tonne. The Palm Kernel Oil itself is sold for N120,000 Naira per tonne. While the Sludge goes for N100,000 Naira per tonne.

The cost of palm kernel is 80,000 Naira per tonne. You will require about ten tones to be able to extract five tone of the oils I've mentions. Ten tone will then cost N800,000. This will comfortably produce five tonnes of oil that will sells for N600,000.

Remember that it will also produce about four tonnes of cake sells for N400,000 while a ton of sludge sells for N100,000. Giving you a total N1,100,000.

When you subtract the cost of the raw material (palm kernel) which is N800,000. You will be left withN300,000 Naira as gross profit on ten tons of palm kernel processed per day.

In a week, you will be making a whooping sum of N300,000 X 6 = ₦1,800,000

Take time and digest this, by tomorrow I will bring you the detail procedure of setting up and production.

China Win Tone Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It owns total assets of 8,876,800USD with 460 staff including 53 professional technicians and 21 engineers. The company has a new modern standard workshop of 96,000 ㎡, which owns first class coarse grain and oil processing and manufacturing equipments as well as a national technology research and development center. Win Tone Machinery is a large-scale oil mill machinery manufacture integrating R & D, design, manufacture and installation.
We can produce palm oil processing lines to customers with good quality and competitive price. More information about Palm Oil Extraction please click the follow link:

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