It System Implementation Challenges And Solution

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Information Technology (IT) is a branch which has recently been derived from computer science. It simply refers to the use of computer and other technologies for the management of vast information (Answer Corporations, 2012). Information technology in modern business is considered to be an easier and convenient way of doing things. Many organizations have long ago forgotten the issue of bulk files and enormous document within work environment. Transactions are also completed these days on the internet thereby avoiding transaction delays and waste of relevant time. What is responsible for the aforementioned is the advent of ...view middle of the document...

2. Not all IT system can meet the exact need of the user therefore implementation becomes waste of time, resources and effort. Identification of IT system objective can go a long way to help mitigate this challenge.
3. The question of quality measures during implementation is another bottle neck. It is expected that system analyst considered quality measure in the stages of system development life cycle as a means to mitigate this quality measure challenge in IT implementation.
4. Lack of qualified personnel to handle the new IT system is another challenge faced by system implementation. To overcome this adequate training are expected to be given to the users.
5. Program testing error may also cause IT system implementation some challenges. It cause delay in system implementation. Here it is expected that program are fully tested so that implementation will be successful.
6. IT System implementation can also face a system maintenance challenge. Continuous and well established procedure which defines how the system will be maintained will go a long way to assist system implementation.
7. Backup system failure is another challenge which an IT system implementation can face. If not in the recent time that data recovery organization are now providing IT recovery services, organization can record huge loss from...

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