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It Technical Support Assignment 2 P1 P2 P3 M1 M2

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In the last two centuries, the computers have been involved in almost everyone’s job. These machines have taken over more than half of the work in the world. It was known from the beginning that when using a computer in all the varieties of work, the users will encounter many problems, therefore a new role was born, the role of a technician.

The role of the IT technician is to support the user through their work, making the users problems theirs. Those, the technicians, solving the problems is for and advising the users is their biggest task. To do this, the IT technicians need certain tools to configure and monitor the computer systems.
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Now when these files are removed, they leave out small gaps on the storage.
Disk defragmenter is the software that rearrange the files and software in the storage or memory. It puts these pieces back together to make more space for other software. After the process the computer will make the OS and programs load more quickly.

Monitoring tools

Monitoring tools are tools that are used to control or gain information about the system performance or components. The researcher put together few of them:

System Information

This is a tool in windows that can be used to gain information about the system. This tool can be used by the MCBS IT Technician to get these information about another employee’s computer.
The version of Windows
OEM System Information (manufacturer, model, and type)
The type of central processing unit (CPU)
The amount of memory and system resources
BIOS version
Time zone
User name in the format DOMAINNAME\USERNAME (only present if the computer is configured to log into a domain)
Boot device (if multiple devices are present on the computer)
The path to the Page file
Hardware Resources category”

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Task Manager

The task manager is a tool that is mostly used to manage your computer and what is running on it. With this tool you can end tasks or manage the startup tasks, you can disable the ones that slows tour system and you can enable the ones that you want to start processing from startup. You can also view the applications that take up the performance of the CPU (in percent or by graphically). The figure 1 shows you a task manager window

The other tabs on Figure 1 are performance for the CPU performance, App history for application opened and their time, startup for the applications at the windows startup.

A Multimeter is a hardware tool that is used to test the power supply. It is normally used by the technicians rather than users. Multimeter is used to check the voltage, current, and resistance of an electrical appliance, for a computer.

If there is a computer in the organization that has a problem with most of the time the power supply then the IT technician will have to use this hardware tool run a test on the components of the computer.

The IT technician uses the tools to solve the problems of his clients. Whether the IT technician within an organization or from another company and he is a total stranger to the client, the techniques he will use to solve the problems are almost always the same. Here are some of them.

Monitoring a computer means having control or having full access to a computer via a network or a network. Monitoring is a technique normally used by IT technicians when they are far from their clients, but this does not...

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