Italy, What A Lovely Country Essay

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Italy, what a lovely country

“Tragedy will always happen when An idealistic leader meet a formalism nation.”
1922, Mussolini take over the appointment of prime minister from the king of Italy. On the Inauguration ceremony, he swears with confidence: “I, Benito Mussolini, swear to god. I will make Italy become one of the strongest countries in the world! No one and nothing can stop us!”
Benito Mussolini, a tireless nationalist. He used to attend Communist Party groups, incited people in The Austro Hungarian Empire to resistance their occupation. After that, he found a newspaper which advocate Italian nationalism, gain a high prestige. He attends the wwi. He showed how heroic he was when ...view middle of the document...

By doing so, the Mafia was soon wiped out, giving Italia an unprecedentedly peaceful society and public security. “When Benito Mussolini is leading, we don’t need to close the door.” When people asking about fascist
As a politician, he was undoubtedly terrific. By virtue of his outstanding ability, listening to others' opinions and better opportunities for development, Italy gained a rapid growth in its economic development, and by 1936, the Italian economic gross was four times of that in 1922, with people's living standards being greatly improved and national strength enhanced.
During the days before 1935, the Italian military strength had been significantly enhanced, and its intervention in the European affairs had greatly increased. Mussolini swallowed up Albania, and signed treaties of alliance with Hungary and Austria. Along with the continuous economic, military, and diplomatic victories, Mussolini became one of the world's most renowned leaders. Adolf had said that he was "the greatest man in our times". Churchill said in his visit to Rome:"Benito is undoubtedly the leader of the Western world to resist the Bolshevik." (Of course, this could not preclude him to call Mussolini a butcher later on)Thousands of Italian gathers around at the square of roman, salute to Mussolini. He’s eyes run over with tears and announce to the public that Italy had become a great nation “I will make the engine sounds of our army louder than every other sound, make other counties covered with Italy’s sun, make the Mediterranean sea become Italy’s inner lake”
However, no one notice that all of these are only form and with no content. In 1934, Hitler arrived in Italy, to discuss problem about Austria. Mussolini is conceited and look down on Hitler. Hitler was little annoyed when he saw Italy’s army’s steps are much...

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