Itc Case Study

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ITC Limited
One of India’s Most Admired and Valuable Companies


ITC Performance Track Record
The last 16 years
` crs
95-96 to 11-12


















Capital Employed







Market Capitalisation
Total Shareholder Returns %



Net Revenue


* Market Cap and TSR for '11-12 based on BSE price on 30 Mar 2012

Sensex (CAGR 95-96 to 11/12) : 10.8%

ITC’s ranking
Amongst all listed private sector cos.
PBT: No. 5
PAT: No. 6
Market Capitalisation: No. 3

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ITC Chairman Mr. Y C Deveshwar conferred the Padma Bhushan

Mr. Y C Deveshwar conferred the Global Leadership Award by the US India Business Council of
the US Chamber of Commerce

The only Green Luxury Hotel chain in the world with all premium hotels under ‘ITC Hotels’ brand
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Rated

ITC’s Sustainability Report adjudged as one of the best global reports in the ‘Carbon Disclosure’
category in Corporate Responsibility Reporting Award’ 10

ITC featured in Forbes 2011 ‘Asia Fab 50’ – among Asia- Pacific’s 50 biggest listed companies

ITC conferred the ICC (Indian Chamber of Commerce) Sustainability Vision Award in the
category – ‘Environmental Sustainability Excellence’

The FE-EVI Green Business Leadership Awards has adjudged ITC PSPD the best performer in
the Paper & Pulp category

ITC awarded the Best Hotel Chain in the country by Business World

Awards & Accolades (2)

FICCI Outstanding Vision Corporate Triple Impact Award 2007 for invaluable contribution
to the triple bottom line benchmarks of building economic, social and natural capital for the

Sustainability Leadership Award 2007 conferred on Chairman Y C Deveshwar by the
Sustainability Forum, Zurich and SAM/SPG at the International Sustainability Leadership

Ryutaro Hashimoto Incentive Prize 2007 for Environment & Development from the Asia
Pacific Forum

In the first of its kind S&P Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) ratings
released recently, ITC ranked second among top Indian companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility Crown Award for Water Practices from UNESCO and
Water Digest for its distinguished work carried out in the water sector in India.

Top UNIDO award at the International Conference on Sharing Innovative Agribusiness Solutions
2008 at Cairo in recognition for its initiatives in agri business.

ICAI Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting with its Annual Report and Accounts,
adjudged as a commendable entry under the “Manufacturing and Trading Enterprises” category.

The Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice Award 2008 jointly instituted by the Bombay
Stock Exchange, Times Foundation and the NASSCOM Foundation

Accolades & Awards (3)
• e-Choupal initiative wins global recognition:
– World Development Report 2008 published by World Bank
– Stockholm Challenge Award 2006 in the Economic Development category which
recognises initiatives that leverage Information Technology to improve living conditions
and foster economic growth in all parts of the world.
– First Indian Company and second in the world to win the Development Gateway
Award 2005 for its trail-blazing e-Choupal initiative
– Corporate Social Responsibility Award from The Energy and Resources Institute
– World Business Award 2004: International Chamber of Commerce...

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