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Its Better Late Than Never Essay

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It's better late than never

Day in and day out, it was finally the day that I have waited impatiently for the past three months: the day when my SPM result was about to be announced. To be honest, instead of being worried about what my result would be, it was a relief because there is always a tremendous pressure in the waiting. As the only son to my parents, I studied hard and so, the effort that I had put in was finally paid off with 10 A's. "What are you going to do?", asked one of my friend. "I don't know", I replied. "Congratulations!", exclaimed my teacher who was standing just beside me. "Thank you", I replied. The teacher then shook his head in delight and went to the others. Not long after, a feeling of worry began to stir in me as I could not see the apple of my eye, my best friend, Liza. I was informed that she got 10 A's as well, but I was unsure where I should look for her. I went to the staffroom and finally found her. Liza was showing her grades to the ...view middle of the document...

On the very night of the day itself, I sent her an SMS for wanting to meet her the next day. "LOL, I'm away to my grandparents’ house and I will be back next week", she replied. Delaying what I have planned for a week, we finally met up. Before I could utter any word to her, she said, "I'm going to further my studies in TESL at London and how about you?". For about a few seconds or so, I was stunned by that shocking news. Deep in my heart, I was happy for her as she finally was about to go for something she has always wanted for but at the same time, I knew that shocking news had just marked the end of my love story. And so, I did not proceed with what I wanted to tell her.
Grieved with the fact that I had to forget her as there was no way I could run a relationship with her while she is abroad; I was depending on the view from my window on that night to fill me up. I decided to control the silent tears. But trying to control what I could not was like fighting an undertow. And so, I willingly relinquish the control to the beautiful scenery of the sky, the stars and the deep blue infinity. By doing so, I somehow felt stronger and went to sleep.
It was in the morning when Liza was about to depart for her studies and I followed her to KLIA. "Bye, see you soon", were the last words from her as the last call for the passengers of MAS flight to London was announced. Very soon, Liza began to walk towards the boarding gate to the plane. As Liza's parents and I were waving hands like a windmill to her, my attention was suddenly caught with what was written on Liza's bag pack saying that "never give up things that you love". That glimpse of her bag gave me the courage to move forward and say what I felt for her all this while. And so, I walked towards her and stopped her.
"I have been waiting forever to say something to you Liza", I said to her. Intrigued to know what I was trying to say, she moved a step closer to me. I told her that I loved her. "Silly! What have you been doing all this while?", she asked. "Waiting for the right time, I guess", I replied. And she told me that she loved me too. For that moment, I felt it was like thousands of pink rose petals falling on me. I felt something extraordinary; love. For that day, I finally found the truth in the phrase that "it's better late than never".

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