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Iwt1 Task 1 Sample Essay

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RIWT Task 1
Romanticism vs Realism Eras

Romantic Art of 1800 – 1860
The Industrial Revolution started in the later part of 18th century. This new revolution brought about a new market based on technology. The movement was changing from human tools and animal power to a new era of machine tools and machine power (McKay, 2015). Because of the new movement of power being man made to machine made this opened up an industry for many factory jobs. People who were generally farmers and villagers now took on factory jobs. Because this machine power was all new there was not much government regulation on these ...view middle of the document...

Romanticism was not about looking to provide hope as motivation but instead they wanted to reach into the feelings of one’s soul. They wanted to keep the value of the emotions that they lived by before the industrial movement started. Romanticism art was meant to value emotion and not reason. They wanted you to be live by your senses and spiritualism rather than subjectivity.
Realism 1850 – 1900s
Realism Art was a movement that stared in the 1850s and was fully part of society in the mid 1900s (The Realism Art Movement, 2015). The realism artist was inspired by the reality and changes being brought upon by the industrial movement. They believed that each object exists and is independent in its own shape and consistency and there shouldn’t be any discussion about it. It emphasizes that if you imitate nature by painting on a canvas it will produce artwork that represents reality. Realism deals with the objective reality and was against the emotionalism of Romanticism (The Realism Art Movement, 2015). They produced artwork that was as close to reality as possible not the fake spirituality or emotional meaning. Oil paintings and canvas art showcased people who were the workers at the peak of the industrial revolution (The Realism Art Movement, 2015). Realism believed that Romanticism was not the truth and they needed to provide society with real art with a contemporary style. This style was meant to revolve around everyday life and how it often changes. They wanted to embrace it and except it for what it is and not cover it up with spiritual or irrational emotions (Finocchio, 2015).
Both the romanticism and realism art eras have played a huge role in the artistic evolution of our society. Both of these eras were influences by everyday life events and focused their work on the lower class, humble people, and ordinary events. With what seemed to be the normal life changing due to the industrialization people started shifting from Romanticism to Realism. Both art eras are unique representations but are same at the core. Romanticism focused on emotions and spirituality and realism focused on ordinary life events and every day struggle (Finocchio, 2015).
When society is lacking passion, emotion and spirituality and it is craving something larger than everyday life, something has to remind them of the aesthetic life and the beauty of nature. Romanticism is the door that keeps that open for the soul. Realism is the door that opens to reflects on canvas and the paintbrush, the humble and the simple life of the society.
An example of artwork from the Romanticism that represents the powerful unique elements of the era is artwork of Thomas Cole in 1833-36 which is a two part series: The Course of the Empire. This is a series of four paintings that each represents the evolution and the changes of the life in specific times of the day and how nature allows itself to prevail the human...

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