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Ja Its Kwai Essay

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What is HRM...................................................(4)
Dr John Sullivan Model....................................(5)
Different types of management.................(6-7)
What is Personnel Management................(8)
Understanding personnel management....(9)
Comparisons & overview...........................(10)
Section B......................................................
Line managers and their duties..................(12 -13)
Duties of HR practitioner...........................(14)
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This jus has much more detail then what it seems. So we ask the Question what is Human Resource Management? The following information will give a clear layout of what HRM actually is.
What is H_uman Resource Management?_
As named in the above paragraph a HRM deals with a number of things. So it is very important for these departments to be organised because a lack of organisation will lead to a chaotic working environment. That will lead to a slow down in productivity which eventually leads to a decreasing in the profits because of the quality of work that is being produced. Therefore the HRM can be explained with numerous models. I chose to use Dr John Sullivan’s five levels of HR contribution to do this.
Now what are the John Sullivan Five levels of HR contribution model?
This model is one of many that can be used to describe the different responsibilities of the Human Resource system. These Five levels are:
Information management and basic transactions
Providing Functional Service
Coordination of efforts to improve workforce and productivity
Development of competitive advantage through talent
Develops solutions to strategic business problems and solutions
Below: John Sullivan Model
Defining the types of management
Operational Management
This form of management is mainly level 1 and 2.This because in these to levels the HR system has to make sure that their staff is operating at the right pace .These levels also deal with the operating system of the company and how they go about doing things. They are there to maintain, control and improve the organisation of activities within the business. The measurements and evaluation of a company is usually done through a business process. Tactical Management
Strategic Management
The above information is a brief summary of Human Resource Management with the help of John Sullivan’s Model. This gives an indication of how they go to work within an organization so that the business reaches its full potential. It also helps you understand that HRM (human resource management) is divided into further sections that interact with each other so that the business environment is well planned and organised.
Next we will be taking a look at Personnel Management and how it differs from HRM and also looks at the comparisons between the two. The different components within the system and how they interact with each other.
Personnel Management
What is Personnel Management?
Personnel Management is much more administration then physical work. It goes into the finest detail of management. It also makes sure that strategies are performed to the best of their ability to deliver the best results for the business. Personnel Management is there to give advice and also how to better work activities that are structured to improve...

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