Jane Eyre, Effective Opening Essay

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Jane Eyre. Analysis and reasons on why it is an effective opening.

Jane Eyre has an effective beginning for many reasons. I shall start at the beginning. Jayne Eyre as a book is eponymous, meaning that the title of the novel is the name of the main character. This is effective because before we start even reading the book we are thinking, “Who is she?” “What is her role in the story”. Through the first chapter we find out a lot of important character traits relating to both Jane and her cousin John. We feel incredibly sympathetic towards Jane as not only is she being bullied by her family, but she has grown accustomed to it.
On the first page we find that she questions everything, that ...view middle of the document...

She describes “Gave significance to the rock standing up alone in the sea of billow and spray”. This may be a reference to Jane’s life, not only at home where she is emotionally segregated from the rest of the family, but later in life, as she becomes more independent. She will be powerful even though the “billow and spray”, metaphorically speaking the troubles in her life, will weaken her she may become more emotionally strong, “Standing Up Alone”.
Also included in this description of the book there is an abstract reference to John, “the fiend pinning down the thief’s pack behind him, I passed over it quickly: it was an object of terror”. Later on in the chapter Jane describes her fear of john, “Every nerve I had feared him, and every morsel of flesh shrunk when he came near”. An object of terror links John to Jane’s life and the story that she is reading, as they both inflict terror. This adds to the impact of the opening as you have to really read between the lines. When the reader realises this, the reader will become intrigued about what other “Hidden Messages” that are encrypted within the story. However, it also tells us that even Jane’s escape, if you will, from reality is still filled with terror.

“(as at a later period I discovered) from the pages of Pamela and Henry, Earl of Moreland. This hints towards the fact that she become better educated and well read during her later life. Possibly because she had the chance to be educated. This may be the independence that the book refers too (as do I in the above chapters). Giving the reader a chance to have a previous idea of the events throughout the novel which in...

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