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Jason And The Argonauts, Latin Essay

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But King Aeetes, when he learned that Jason had finished the task he proposed, he was greatly moved, for he understood that it was done through a trick, nor did he doubt that Medea had helped him.Medea moreover, when she learned that she herself would be in danger if she remained in the palace, was determined to seek a flight to safety. With all things prepared in the middle of the night, with her father not knowing, escaped with her brother, Absyrtus, and as soon as possible, she went to the place where the Argo had been docked.When she came there, she threw herself at the feet of Jason and with many tears she beseeched ...view middle of the document...

When they came to that place, Jason went forth; and his companions remained at the sea who would protest the ship, he brought himself in the woods with Medea. A few miles through the woods having progressed, to go forward because the fleece, which he was looking for, and he saw it hanging from the tree.To carry it however, was of the greatest difficulty; for not only had the place been fortified excellently by nature and by arts, but also by a certain dragon with a horrible appearance guarded the tree. But Medea who was as we have shown before, she had the greatest knowledge of the magical arts, she dipped in poison the branch which had snatched form a nearby tree. This having been done, he approached the dragon whose mouth having been opened was waiting for him to come, and then sprinkled the poison on him, and when the dragon was overpowered by sleep he went to sleep. Jason snatched the Golden Fleece from the tree and retreated with Medea quickly.Moreover while that was going on, the Argonauts who had been left at sea were waiting in an anxious mind for the return of Jason; for they understood that that task was one of the greatest danger. Now when until sunset they waited in vain; they were beginning to despair for his safety, and were not they doubting but that an accident had happened.

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