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Jealousy As A Theme In Othello

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Jealousy in Othello
Jealousy as one of the most important themes in the play of Shakespeare Othello is obvious and it play an important role through the characters and the whole story of the play. Jealousy as a negative characteristic and personality which we can see from several characters in the play, which is the main reason that creates the tragedies of Othello and his wife Desdemona, and eventually it leads to the tragedies of themselves. There are three aspects to proof this theme, the first one is Iago’s jealousy to Othello that drives him crazy and to take revenge on Othello; the second one would be Iago’s jealousy to Cassio which ...view middle of the document...

“Till I am even'd with him, wife for wife, or failing so, yet that I put the Moor at least into a jealousy so strong that judgment cannot cure, which thing to do” (ShakespeareAct 2, Scene1, 299-302). And finally he comes up with a way to make Othello just as tragically jealous as he is, by making Othello doubting about his wife Desdemona being faithful and loyal to him, which leads to the tragic muder at the end of the play—Iago gets the handkerchief from his wife Emilia and frames Desdemona for cheating on Othello. From all the proofs above, it is evident that jealousy of Iago toward Othello drives him crazy and his revenge to Othello due to that reason causes the tragic ending of both Othello and his wife.
Secondly, Iago is not only jealous of Othello but also jealous of Cassio, who is Othello’s lieutanent. Iago is being jealous of Cassio even before he’s jealous of Othello, since Cassio as a man who does not have much combat experience is promoted by Othello as lieutanent, Iago feels that he’s not treated with fairness by Othello. “As masterly as he: mere prattle, without practice, is all his soldiership. But he, sir, had the election; and I, of whom his eyes had seen the proof at Rhodes, at Cyprus and on other grounds, Christian and heathen, must be beleed and calmed by debitor and creditor. This counter-caster, he, in good time, must his lieutenant be” (Shakespeare, Act 1, Scene 1, 21-34). And after Iago buries the seed of jealousy toward Cassio, Iago starts planning on his dirty and evil revenge that would be taken on both Cassio and Othello, and it is the beginning of the destruction of all these three characters—Cassio, Othello and Iago. “Cassio's a proper man. Let me see now: to get his place and to plume up my will in double knavery—How, how? Let's see. After some time, to abuse Othello's ear that he is too familiar with his wife.He hath a person and a smooth dispose to be suspected, framed to make women false” (Act 1, Scene 3, 435-447). Iago does not only manipulates Othello and Cassio out of his own hands, but also using Roderigo, who is also a character that reflects the theme of jealousy—a foolish and rich persuer of Desdemona. Iago uses Roderigo’s love to Desdemona as a tool to defraud Roderigo’s money, and deceives him to make him believe that Cassio has a fair with Desdemona in order to take revenge on Cassio with someone else’s hands. In the last act of the play, Iago achieves his plan and makes Roderigo assassins Cassio, indirectly causing the death of both of them. It is also clear that Iago is extremely jealous of Cassio as well since Cassio takes the position which Iago think would be his, it extends further and makes Iago want to take revenge on almost all the people...

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