Jefferson: A Man With A Plan

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Thomas Jefferson was who authored extraordinary words and it was there words that changed a nation. Jefferson’s ability to write made him prominent author of write the Declaration of Independence, (among other significant works). Jefferson’s writings reflected on the rights of mankind and what rights a government must offer its people. His use of words to fight for Human rights makes him one of the greatest American Hero’s. Thomas Jefferson’s writings on basic human rights caused a radical shift in American Colonist thoughts and these stunning ideas would influence the Americans to break away from Great Britain.
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A Summary was a relatively short piece, with its point to be speaking towards the American people in general not just to an elitist group. It looked upon the struggle for justice within American Colonist’s lives (Bottorff, 33). However Jefferson’s main idea within this book was that the British government had too much authority over Colonial America (Peterson, 1). A Summary contained grievances to the British government and toward the King himself. Jefferson even went through out British history to prove his ideas of self government. The radical Whig Party in America also upheld these ideas and through this book felt that Jefferson was on their side (Passos, 169). In A Summary Jefferson also wrote that the colonist should ask for favors from the King instead of rights however those favors were clear and they need to be able to self-govern their selves (Donovan, 66). Jefferson’s views on the rights of mankind can be express through a quote in his work “Every Individual is equal to every individual.”(Bottorff, 33) His message is clear it is that no man should rule over another man nor should any man be treated with a different respect with then others. This brings about the idea that mankind deserves natural right and that no one can take them from mankind.
In 1776 Jefferson’s was appointed by the Continental Congress to write be on the committee which wrote the Declaration of Independence and would later become the author (Bottorff, 13). In the Declaration Jefferson aimed his charges towards King George III of Britain. He claimed that the King had been a tyrant to he colonist and that the King did not care about the colonist natural rights. Due to these charges Jefferson therefore claimed that the cause to break away from British crown was justified (Donovan, 21). Jefferson went on to say that the parliament of Britain did not have any power over the colonies, this was a radical idea at the time since most people only questioned the right that the British government had to tax (Donovan, 68). His fight for the natural rights of mankind became the main goal of the Declaration. “That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with inherent and inalienable rights.”(Donovan, 24) These words were some of the influential words within the Declaration. The meaning behind these words is that man has god given rights and these rights to freedom cannot be taken away by anyone. “These are the ‘natural right’ rights which every human being is born, independent.” (Bottorff, 35.) These words sum up the main goal of Declaration that all mankind is born free and that no tyrant can control them. It was this simply document the cause the colonist’s to continue there struggle for independence. “The Declaration of Independence gave a renewed sense of purpose to the war that Americans had been fighting for 16 months.” (Wilmore, 3) The declaration gave Colonist a sense of hope, that the war they had been fighting for had a purpose.
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