Jesus And The Reign Of God

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Jesus: Ministry and Message
Ordinary citizens in 1st Century Palestine struggled with the basics of everyday life and were awaiting a messiah who would bring them a new teaching of God to follow. Jesus did this by introducing the concept of the ‘Reign of God.’ Thus to a significant extent Jesus’ words and actions in relationship to outcasts in 1st century Palestine revealed the Reign of God, through love, forgiveness and sincerity he embraced outcasts who would have otherwise been left to struggle alone. Many people are still excluded from society therefore his teachings are still relevant in several contexts today.
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He taught that anyone who was loyal to God was acceptable to become part of the Kingdom of God. The purpose was to provide people with the guidance they needed to be children of God (Gumbleton, 2011). It was outcasts that the Kingdom of God applied to most in Jesus’ time as they were the most marginalised in society, in particular lepers. A story from the new testament of the Bible reads, “A leper came to him begging and kneeling he said If you choose, you can make me clean. Moved with love Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, and he said I do choose. Be made clean...” (Mark 1:40 – 45). It is evident that Jesus demonstrated love, as without hesitation he reached out and touched the leper, which at the time was considered controversial because lepers were considered to be ‘impure’ and contagious (Roberts 2010). Jesus disregarded this and demonstrating the Kingdom of God through his actions and words completely overruled the consequences of his actions.
Worldwide there are still many ‘outcasts’ in society therefore by more people replicating the teachings of the Kingdom of God including genuine sincerity and non-prejudicial treatment in conjunction with forgiveness, the Kingdom of God can still exist. Specifically in Australia, Aboriginal people can be considered ‘outcasts’ and are subjected to negative social attitudes for reasons including poor;...

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