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Jesus Existed Essay

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Jaimie Scherer
GS 2210 Jesus of Nazareth
The Existence of Jesus
Final Paper

To this day, the existence of Jesus Christ is still a debate. Not a debate on whether or not He turned water into wine, or was the Son of God, but His actual, human existence is still questioned. The existence of Jesus, and who He was, is a basis of world history. To dispel Jesus’ existence would be rewriting history and the Christianity religion as a whole. Not everyone has to believe the gospels, but Jesus did exist and was an important political figure to the world. Religion is something that is meant to bring people together to create family outside of our bloodline. However, ...view middle of the document...

Regardless of religious belief, we need to honor Jesus as a historical figure. This argument should no longer be a basis of debate or up for discussion. Without the world coming together to acknowledge Jesus’ existence, more division will continue. History books should include Jesus’ existence and what He did for humanity. People shouldn’t shy away from talking about Jesus; His existence can be discussed without the religious aspect. Debating whether or not Jesus existed is very disrespectful to Him and to our overall history.
Jesus lived from 7-2 B.C. to 30-33 A.D. He was born in Judea and lived in the town of Nazareth in Galilee, and traveled to Jerusalem. As stated in Mark 6:3, he worked as a carpenter before beginning His ministry and before His disciples began following. The bible and gospels describe His birth, baptism, public ministry, and crucifixion; however, this paper documents Jesus existence, not testing faith.

Effects & Consequences
The four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, depict a personal account of follow Jesus as His disciple. Christianity places high value on each of these stories because they see them as the word God and their belief system (Stott pg.112). Aside from Christianity beliefs, eyewitnesses prove the gospel stories to be true. When the gospels were written, there were many people still alive to debate these words; however, no one spoke up. If they were untrue, don’t you think someone would have corrected these words? The scholars, outside of the bible, supporting Jesus’ existence wouldn’t write about such a bold topic without factual evidence to support their manuscripts. Also, the gospels were written as first hand talk, so the words used were evidence that these were not made up; they follow historical speaking and grammar for that time period. In that time, memorization and accuracy were extremely important. Paul references memorization briefly in 1 Corinthians 11:2, “I praise you for remembering me in everything and holding to the teachings just as I passed them on to you.”
Tacitus was a historian of the Roman Empire and a senator. Tacitus lived from AD 56- after 117. Tacitus is often considered as the greatest Roman historian. His final written work was The Annals which mentioned Jesus, His crucifixion, and the existence of early Christians in Rome. Tacitus writings proved Jesus existed because he writes about these subjects precisely as written in the gospels, but uses Christus to describe Christ because he knows using Jesus Christ, some will question his accuracy and the threat of impeachment. With his knowledge of Jesus’ history, and his recounting of these events, in comparison to how they were written in the gospel, were so closely related, this is another proof of Jesus’ existence (Van Voorst pgs. 39 – 51).
Along with Tacitus, Josephus, a Jewish historian who wrote several surviving books towards the end of the first century. His writings are the...

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