Jet Copies Case Problem Essay

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“IPad’s” Security Breach

BUS 508: Contemporary Business
August 16, 2011
Strayer University
Dr. Robert L. Kight

Assignment 4: iPad’s Security Breach

This document will attempt to discuss hacking into a Web site. Is it ever justifiable? The document will create a corporate ethics statement for a computer security firm that would allow or even encourage activities like hacking. The document will discuss whether it is important for organizations like Gawker Media to be socially responsible. It will determine factors CEOs should consider when responding to a security breach. Finally, it will create an email script to be sent to AT&T customers informing them of the security ...view middle of the document...

BBM was identified as a communication vehicle of choice for looters in London and other cities during the unrest. The riot led to significant loss of lives and property. Conceivably, the above mentioned example shows a threat to the political, social and economic well being of the government and people. Consequently, the police action involving the website of Blackberry was justifiable in my calculation. They took the action to protect lives and property. On the other hand, there can never be justification of any kind for hacking into websites and/or mobile devices of others or entity, be it public or private. There are occasions where hackers succeeded in accessing personal RIM employee information etc. Records related that the information was used honorably.
Hacking has become a cancer in the tech world. It continues to wound every level of society. Ellen Nakashima, a renounced journalist reported in July of 2011 that a group calling itself “Anonymous” recently claimed credit for hacking into NATO servers and stealing 1 gigabyte of information. Posting sensitive information is part of its campaign to harass and humiliate prominent targets. This is dishonorable. The group has attempted to post some online documents collected in the incident and vows to post more soon.
As confirmed by NATO, the information were Post Tech: Are hackers targeting the Fed next?
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Classified documents put on the Internet according to Damien Arnaud, a spokesman for the trans-Atlantic military alliance. “The documents thereof are said to be classified, and can potentially endanger the security of NATO allies, armed forces and citizens.”
Groups calling themselves “activists”, targets Web sites and servers in pursuit of political agendas have joined the list of cyber threats identified by government and corporate security officials. This is a big concern for the FBI, according to Robert E. Nickel, unit chief in the FBI’s Public Private Alliance Unit. According to Nickel, “The good news is, when those guys are caught, they fold like a house of cards.” “When someone from the FBI comes and says, you’re looking at 20 years for hacking into the CIA Web site,’ they rat on everybody.” The FBI also has targeted Anonymous and related hacker groups attacking PayPal.
Another unjustifiable occurrence involved the Wiki Leaks, an anti-secrecy site that has posted classified U.S. government data. Wiki leak actions are unjustifiable since the national security interests of nations are hazardously exposed. Another example is, AT&T/iPad’s security breach exposing iPad’s users, according to reporter Ryan Tate, Apple’s CEO, Steve Job bragged about Apple being the most pristine of tech giants, but his sanctimony backfired. Steve Jobs made this statement that “Apple guards each use of private customer data”—days before Apple partner AT&T exposed iPad website was compromised and/hacked.
The iPad breach was a clear...

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