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Jet Noise, Sound Of Freedom Or Sound Of Insomnia

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English 102
26 January 2015
Jet noise throughout South Hampton Roads
The sound of freedom or not?
Society today is filed with noise; there is no escaping it. The combined toll of occupational, recreational, and environmental noise exposure from sounds that is heard daily can possibly pose a serious public health issue. Everyday noise society looks at as “common” can include heavy construction equipment, sirens from emergency vehicles, lawn mowers and a little more noticeable, jet noise. No denying that anyone who has lived near an airport in any number of big cities or spent time in proximity to a military installation has been exposed to and possibly inconvenienced by the loud ...view middle of the document...

Terrorism continues to become more rampant and more violent. Terrorism has become frequent because terrorist groups are becoming more eager and desperate to change the world values and replace it with theirs, which they believe is best. Terrorism threatens the peace and security of a nation and international terrorism continues to pose difficult challenges to state and human security worldwide. Even the world’s largest super power is not immune to terrorism. The deadliest terrorist attack to be perpetrated on U.S soil took place on September 11, 2001. This one act of violent terrorism set in motion the mighty war machine of the United States Military.
The attack on 9/11 ramped up military operations not seen since the Vietnam War; thus creating the sudden need for a robust training and readiness regime. This in turn saw a drastic increase in many activities to include operational flight training of our fighter pilots; requiring round the clock flights at all military air facilities. President George W. Bush vowed to take revenge upon those responsible and from then on it was war. The increase of military operations necessitated a constant state of readiness and the need for continued training; i.e. scheduled training flights to prepare pilots for future deployments. According to a Time Magazine article, today’s U.S. military is bigger and more prepared than prior to 9/11. The U.S. government is currently spending an estimated $700 billion a year on defense, about double the cost of its pre-9/11. Our forces have been waging war nonstop since October 7, 2001; when the U.S. first invaded Afghanistan to remove the Taliban government for offering sanctuary to Osama bin Laden.
All United States Military facilities had been operating at an increased pace since invading Afghanistan, causing surrounding communities to experience an increase in noise and activity. It was soon to increase again, as the United States was about to begin a second military confrontation. The U.S., along with several of our allies, invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003. Our government felt the threat posed to the U.S. and its allies by Saddam Hussein's Ba’athist regime and his alleged programs of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were enough reason to move into the country with 250,000 troops and 3 aircraft carrier strike groups to remove him from power by force. The United States military was now fighting a two front war. With all that being said, the nation has been operating and fighting the Global War on Terrorism at an increased pace now for over 13 years.
This long constant state of war has really moved the nation into a constant state of training and readiness. There are currently 2,317,761 men and women serving in uniform. Of this total number, 1,348,405 have been deployed since the Sept. 11 attacks. About 58.2 percent of those currently in uniform have served a deployment since 9/11. Narrowing it down to the Navy, more than 367,900 sailors have deployed...

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