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Jewish History And Contribution Essay

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Abstract: This article introduces Jewish history and Jewish contribution of every area. Moreover, it also explores the reasons that why such small nation can make great contribution to the world and keep them prosperous.
Key words: Jews, history, contribution, reasons

I. Jewish history
A. C.1900 BC-538 BC
The history of the Jewish people began in what is called the “fertile crescent”, the land that reaches from the River Nile round to the Euphrates and Tigris. These rivers nurtured the early civilizations of Egypt and of Mesopotamia. Some time about 1800 BC a Hebrew named Abram led his people from the city of Ur near Babylon in Mesopotamia, to Canaan in the West. ...view middle of the document...

It was the tough experiences that kept them always facing the difficulties with courage and patience.
C. 200AD-1500AD
In this period, Jews were forced to leave their homeland so that they exiled to other countries of the world. However, living in other countries was not easy at all. The reason that they were elbowed out was Christianity was in the reign and Judaism was the paganism at that time. Furthermore, it was said that Judas who was a Jew betrayed Jesus and led to his death.
In the process of crusade, Jews were the main target who would be persecuted by Christians. The Middle Ages was the black time of Jewish history.
D. 1500AD-
After the 15th century, the Renaissance brought the open and free atmosphere to many areas of the ancient world including the religious. From this time, their fates began to change. Thought, in the process of recovering country, they made great sacrifice for their returning, they made it at last. On May 14, 1948, Israel were established and the new page of Jewish history was open, too.
II. Jewish contributions
Jews have made contribution in a broad of range of human endeavors, including the science, art, politics and business. Although, Jews comprise only 0.2% of the world’s population, over 20% of Nobel Prize laureates have been Jewish, with multiple winners in each field.
A. Economic field
It is reported that 15% of the billionaire in the world are Jews. As for the richest enterpriser in the whole world, Jewish people account for the half. With these data, it is not hard to find how successful they are in business. Through their history, we can easily find that how much importance they have attached to money and business.
There are many Jewish celebrities in economic field. The reason that we all call them celebrities is not only they are good at making money,, but also they have make tremendous contribution to the economy. For instance, John Rockefeller is the first billionaire in the capitalist world. Even, nowadays, Rockefeller is more famous than most of the American president in the scope of the whole world. It is no wonder that Bill Gates considers him as the only hero in the world.
B. Scientific field
When reading modern science history, we can always find Jewish...

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