Joan Of Arc Changes History 2

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Joan of Arc Changes History

The following report will tell you about Joan of Arc, a young woman with a giant affect on history. Joan of arc was only about 12 when she began her “mission” to help lead one of the most important and memorable rebellions of all time. By the time she was about 17 she had gained command of French troops and gained the rank of captain. As a teenager Joan of Arc led a rebellion unmatched by a woman of her age, and one can only imagine what she would have done next if she wasn’t convicted of witchcraft and heresy. Joan of Arc was an important woman in history for the rebellion she led against the English, for which she was burned at the stake, and she ...view middle of the document...

When Joan went to see the Dauphin he ordered one of his courtiers sit at his thrown, he did this to try to trick Joan. Yet as soon as Joan entered she identified the Dauphin in the crowd and greeted him accordingly. During the next few weeks Joan stayed in Chinoi trying to convince some high officials of her plans, during this time the Dauphin sent scholars and priests to reassure him of Joan’s religious convictions. After some time the Dauphin was convinced and gave Joan a few hundred men and horses, and then told her to fight in the siege of Orleans which had occupied both French and English soldiers for more than eight months (Klassen).
This battle was what sent Joan into her well deserved fame. Before the battle it is said that Joan was given white armor. This armor could be seen as helpful and harmful in the same, helpful because it helped give moral to her troops, but hurtful because she became the target for many attacks. One such attack was successful, while climbing a ladder Joan was shot in the neck by an arrow. After falling from the ladder the English believed she had died, and then the English began to fight with a new valor and thought the battle would now become an easy victory. Not thirty minutes later Joan rose from the ground ready to fight again, this scared the English as they thought that she must be a witch. Not long afterwards the English began to retreat, and burn their barricades.
this battle Joan had gained the name, Maid of Orleans (Klassen).”
Soon after the victory at Orleans Joan was sent to clear a path to Rheims so that the Dauphin could travel safely. When arriving in Rheims with Joan by his side, the Dauphin was crowned as king, king Charles VII. Even though Joan had no farther feelings to fight, she continued her military career. She led troops to Paris, but she failed to breech the walls and stayed idle for about 6 months (Klassen). Then in 1430 Joan was given permission to lead a small group of men to Compiegne, but she failed again and was captured.
She was captured by the Burgundies, who she had shown up to fight. They tried to bargain with the king and told him they would sell him Joan, but the king refused and Joan was eventually sold to the English. Joan was held at Beaulieu for two months, then relocated north to Beaurevoir to the castle of Jean De Luxembourg. She was treated kindly by Jean De Luxembourg’s wife and aunt. Yet they kept trying to convince her to wear woman’s clothing. Joan refused saying that the voices hadn’t told her to. Even though Joan was treated nice here she tried her one and only escape known. Joan jumped from a window falling seventy feet to the ground, she did not get injured. Interesting enough Joan said that the voices actually told her not to jump, this is the only time, to anybodies...

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